Grafitti That I Don’t Understand: Volume 49

IMG_6092, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

To this I respond – If the duck sings at dawn well then it is time to get a new duck.


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  • The other day I saw that right outside the back steps of Catholic University Law School somebody etched in chalk, “Free Speech Kills Babies – Fr. O’Connell” which I don’t really know how to take – is it a pro-lifer or a liberal law student who is frustrated with studying legal principles at an extremely conservative institution? I just think it’s interesting.

  • This grafitti reminds me of Damon Wayans’ Oswald Bates character.

  • What’s not to understand? Don’t you think it’s a commentary on the willingness of so many to adopt a “corporate” lifestyle of consumerism?

  • Why the “?” then? What you are suggesting would seem to be a statement rather than a question. And “incorporation”? That sounds like it’s talking about becoming part of the Borg or something.

    They need to go back to Dirty Hippie Sloganeering School for a refresher course on sophomoric expressions of faux rebellion (3 credits), if anti-consumerism was the target.

    It’s hard for me to enjoy my dismissive tittering when the crusties’ grammar has devolved to a point worse than a passel of monkeys who were thrown out of the Million Monkey Shakespeare Project.

    It takes away from the fun. Now I’ll have to go buy something plastic and discard it to raise my spirits.

  • Is it anti-consumerism or anti-conformity?

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