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Today’s question of the day was submitted by Reuben.  He asks:  “dc gets its own quarter (like the other, real states)… which image or person examplifies dc? barry? a double parked car? chili dog? a spent casing from a tech 9?  an empty styrofoam container from a corner carryout?”  While a bit cynical I think it is an interesting question.  What do you guys think would best represent DC on the back of a quarter?  

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  • Chicken bone on the sidewalk

  • Metro riders standing on the right, walking on the left?

  • Wow. Two great suggestions… POP-I was actually being humorous (I thought) with the “suggested” images for the money… I didnt really expect any of those things to appear. But I see them (good and bad) as uniquely DC.. PS. Here’s one more … A guy waxing his car at Haines Point in the spring…. (smile) Truth is, Stockard’s and Herb’s
    suggestions are more reflective of the DC the tourists don’t see than that which we will probably end up with…

  • For the quarter, it’s gotta be one of those quasi-religious looking, outrageously angelic presidential-style portraits of Chuck Brown. Give the man his due!

    I’m just sayin’…

  • The outline of the District, with a row of row houses superimposed.

    Historic Mt Pleasant used to (in the 80s) sell a tshirt that said “Mount Pleasant – Neighborhood in the City,” that had a row of houses in front of a bunch of trees with the monuments poking up behind the trees. I’d love something like that.

  • how about a rat?

  • perhaps a ‘police line do not cross’ banner??

  • The outline of the District, with some row houses and “Taxation Without Representation”

  • On one side of the coin an artistic montage including the juxtaposed images of a syringe, a mini-ziplock and a torn condom wrapper.

    On the other side an etching of a “McLoft” Condo building set among cherry trees.

  • Reuben, I didn’t think you were being cynical. Your question made me chuckle.
    I’d love to see a “taxation without representation” quarter. Although, I’m thinking the “rat” suggestion is a pretty good one.
    That said, I bet we get some dumb-ass quarter with a cherry blossom or a monument on it. LAME!

  • dc flag (or just 3 stars) and says “taxation w/o representation”
    something like this would work for me:

  • oh i can see the real one now… colheightschic is right it’ll be a cherry blossom branch in the foreground and the washington monument in the background. dc for tourists. it could look kinda cool but is not the dc we all know and love

  • I like the three stars. Not even the taxation without representation line (they’d never let it on the quarter). But just this:

    * * *

  • kwakwa:
    I spent the morning cleaning up all the items you described- in my mind, that fits the bill

  • If it turns out to be a rat, I hope it’s in the likeness of Templeton (from the cartoon version of Charlotte’s Web). Perhaps he could be walking with a briefcase in front of the Capitol.
    I’ve heard rumors it was going to feature Ben’s Chili Bowl, which would be cool.
    Else, a portrait of Ellington would be good.

    At any rate, we definitely should press them to include “Taxation Without Representation” and not back down. The worst thing that will happen is that we won’t get our bloody quarter. Hmmm – I wonder if those over at DCVote have considered this.

  • yea i would like to see the line “taxation w/o…” on the quarter but there is no way in hell they would.

    i’m all about the 3 stars and i like the idea eric. my girl has a slightly altered version of the stars tattooed in the middle of her upper back. it was kinda my idea that i had mentioned as a tattoo idea in general (i know other people have probably done similar before, not saying i was the first to think of the 3 star idea) and she went out and got it done with some other ink on her back. now i won’t do it cuz she stole it from me. but its cool because i’m glad someone i know did it. i may still do it one day though as i get older the idea of getting a tattoo is waning.

  • A replica of a DC postmark.

  • you know it’s going to end up being something like a monument or the capital or white house. i feel though it should represent the city, not the tourist city

  • Mayor smoking a crack pipe?

  • How about a big fat SUV double-parking in front of an empty parking space? Just kidding. A picture of Barry would suffice.

  • Since DC is both America’s City and our own District, both could be on the quarter. How about the rowhouses image and a background image of the DC flag or Capitol.

  • I still vote crack pipe. Nothing says the last 20 years of DC like the glass pipe.

    re: Stand right, walk left. I had a heated debate about this over christmas. my southern and midwestern family things we are way too nuts about this. the schools of thought seem to be that (a) why are you in such a hurry that you need to walk faster than the escalator is taking you? chill out. and (b) escalators are freaky scary and we don’t have them where we live so if you are going to put them in all your stations and still want people to use Metro, then just deal with the fact that we are holding on for our dear lives and have some friggin’ patience.

    Um, I remain unconvinced and think we need better signs.

  • i have to go with the chuck brown vote. i dont even listen to go go like that…but what says DC like chuck bustin loose from the back of a quarter?

  • i’m all for the taxation without representation quarter. if we can have it on our license plates (and Clinton had those plates on the presidential limo) i don’t see why we can’t put it on the quarter. it would go really well a theme of free speech, right to assemble (e.g. protests on the mall).

  • a longtime friend and former dc resident (he now lives in san fran… sigh…) suggested ( dont know why he didnt submit this himself) a dmv clerk wearing a “what do you want? i was telling my griflfriend about my saturday night date, and here you come wanting to helped” face…….

  • Frederick Douglas, who was a man, like this city, struggling for justice.

  • i think the dc flag would be ill.. simple and bold.

  • DC isn’t gonna get a quarter. We’ll get a slug that is about the same size as a quarter but can’t be used to buy anything, only to make suggestions.

  • I think that flags are not allowed on the quarters.

    Perhaps the Washington famil crest? That is what our flag is based on.

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