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I think I may have asked this in the past but I can’t remember. So, do you prefer white Christmas lights, colorful Christmas lights, or one solid color, like blue, Christmas lights?

Ed note: My camera, for some odd reason, probably because it was free, only works at night on odd days of the week, so if you have some Christmas lights you’d like featured, shoot me an email at princeofpetworth at gmail dot com. Safe travels to those on the road!

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  • I’m a fan of white Christmas lights. I think they have a classic and classy feel to them. But as a kid, I loved the multi-color lights.

    Now, bring on the people who say that these lights are a waste of electricity…grinches.

  • White. and the more the merrier!

  • SouthwestDC

    I agree that the white lights are very classy, although there’s something about the multicolored ones that’s cozy and comforting. I’m drawn to both for different reasons, but ultimately I go with the white ones in my own home.

    The only lights I dislike are the solid-colored ones, like all red or all green. No matter what you do with them, they always look tacky.

  • As a non-Christian (though my friends always tell me that Xmas is not about religion, but capitalism)-the lights are the one thing I truly connect with…. I am not partial to a particular color. I just love the lift they provide…..

  • I don’t discriminate by color- bring them all on!!!

    The more the merrier. That being said, I am very weary of Christmas decoration that are too classy looking- like Christmas trees that are all color coordinated and matchy matchy. You know- the ones that have beautiful coordinated bows, glass balls and ribbon??

    I don’t have kids, but I’m thinking of hiring some neighborhood kids to make me some ornaments, as I feel that construction paper, glue, glitter and noodles make the best “real” Christmas decor.

  • Though I am not Christian either, it doesn’t matter. I love the houses with tons of lights, any color, all over the place, the more the merrier. There are several blocks in our beloved Petworth and Brightwood, perpendicular to Georgia Ave that have great decorations. Whole side streets are lit up. It seems like neighbors go into competition to see who can have the most. Then of course to the north of us are the amazing lights on some houses in the Gold and Platinum Coast. One is decorated by a bishop of some huge church (Bible Way?) that even has tour buses go by it. Yeah, some of it is tacky, but still.

  • I agree with pauper – the brighter and tackier the better when I was a kid but now I like the white classy ones – it’s only once a year for the electricity.

  • I like the white classy lights quite a lot, no blinking please. But, there’s also something really enjoyable about a yard that is completely taken over by kitsch. When it looks like a Christmas bomb exploded, that makes me think children might actually live in that house, as opposed to people who are reproducing something they saw in Metropolitan Home.

    What I don’t like are “running” lights (too Vegas) and also those lights that come in nets, I suppose to make them easier to drape over bushes? Something about them looks a little too regular and perfect.

  • As an aside, the lights are not part of the Christian tradition. They may be based on lighting a candle for a soul in church, but as soon as there were strings of colored lights they became disassociated from any religion.

  • Man…. I’m pretty much over the white-light thing. Nothing says yuppie louder than tasteful white lights and those individual candles in each window. I want lots of color to cheer me up.

  • I love the really big bulbs and in multiple colors. Not the clearish big ones, though, the more solid colored ones. I’m kind of sick of the tiny white light thing. Perhaps that’s being in the upper middle class South for most of the last 15 christmases — where everyone hires landscapers to do their lights professionally. just reeks of too much money. plus, I HATE the word “classy.” the word is neither. just hearing it makes me detest whatever the described object is.

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