Firehouse at 3702 Georgia Ave.

IMG_5886, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Apparently we’ve been passing some history on many of our walks to the metro. There is a plaque that says this firehouse used to house engine company 24 and was built in 1911. Back then the engines were pulled by horses but this station was the first one in DC to be fully motorized. Georgia Ave. represent.  Anyway, this firehouse moved in 1994.  I’m not really sure what it houses today.  See the plaque after the jump.

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  • Whoa, odd pink tinge to these photos (at least on my browser). At first I thought another architectural landmark in the neighborhood was under attack. I’m relieved it is just a Warholish aberration.
    Red Rocks has a nice photo of this fire house c.1949 in the downstairs dining room.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Yeah, sometimes my camera gets tired of the photos I take and decides to get all artistic on its own. It’s actually very frustrating because one day the camera will be fine and the next day it freaks out for no rhyme or reason…

  • It houses Metro stuff these days. They moved the fire company out when construction began on the metrorail station. The company went to a new firehouse built on the site of the (demolished at that time) former Hot Shoppe (later used as a Perpetual Bank) at Georgia and Gallatin.

    Metro moved the facade around the corner and they now use the building.

  • that building does have a pink hue. i thought it was red that had been bleached by the sun. maybe your camera emphasizes it but i’ve definitely waked by it and commented on the irony of macho firemen with a pink firehouse.

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