Fallout Shelter Off of 14th Street

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So we’ll be safe from the Reds?

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  • These signs are all over. I kind of chuckle, but in the back of my mind I keep a mental note in case any crap jumps off!

  • By the time I was in high school (in the ’80’s) they had given up on the “drop and roll” stuff and shelters. At that point I guess they figured we all knew we were gonna die, if not at the hands of the Russkies and their atomic doom, certainly we were gonna become AIDS-infected crack whores (in parachute pants). This must be a remnant of the ’50’s and ’60’s when people still thought they could survive a nuclear war and then re-emerge later to kill off the remaining commies.

  • You can survive a general nuclear war. Unless you live in DC or any of the other popular target areas. Here, if you aren’t immediately killed by the heat, blast, and prompt radiation of several Russian and/or Chinese megaton-class weapons detonating within city limits, the firestorm will finish you off before the fallout affects you much.

    Fortunately, the big threat these days is more survivable: a few pesky low-yield nukes near the Mall. Bad day to be downtown, but in Petworth, we’ll mostly be worried about the mile-wide radioactive dust plume blowing in from the south. On that day, having some idea of how to shelter from fallout would be a good idea.

    Remember: get lots of mass (i.e. 3 feet of dirt, a couple feet of masonry/concrete) or distance (i.e. middle floor of a tall building) between you and any spot where the snow-like dust will settle, and plan on staying in that sheltered spot for a few days. Where to find such shelter on a few minutes’ notice is left as an exercise to the reader.

    You’re welcome.

  • What say we stop treating the rest of the world like a step-child and skip the whole nuclear bomb part, ‘kay?

  • As a kid in the early 60s in DC (I went to Bancroft in Mt Pleasant) I was indoctrinated into the whole “atomic survivabilty” nonsense with “duck-and-cover” drills held periodically during class. We were shuffled, in an orderly fashion, into the hallways just outside of the classroom where we would sit on the floor with our heads between our knees and covering our heads with our hands (in case the building fell on us, presumably) whils the CD sirens wailed for 60 seconds. My dad, a buyer for the defense department, opened my eyes to the futility of this exercise by telling my brother and I that we may as well be putting our heads between our knees in order to kiss our asses good-bye.

    In addition to fallout shelter signs still in place all over DC you can still see the rusting horns of the old Civil Defense sirens on top of a few buildings.

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