Eritrea Getting in on the Game

IMG_6093, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Now the city is famous for Ethiopian restaurants but have you ever seen an Eritrean one before? This is in Adams Morgan on Florida next to the wine store.

Ed. note: Yes that is me in the reflection but I couldn’t wait for the sun to get out of the way…

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  • Eritrean food is roughly the same. It would be like having Maryland food vs Virginia food.

    But politically, if you went to the bar, you’d know people’s allegiances.

  • I’ts a pretty good restaurant, I’ve been there a couple of times…but yes, the food is very similar to Ethiopian food. This one, at least a couple of years back was much cheaper than Meskerem, and the now defunct Addis Ababa, Red Sea, & Fasikas. Good place.

  • Oh yeah, and the name change, it used to be called Harambe.


  • I’ve never tried Eritrean food, but from the reflection on the photograph, I now have the sneaking suspicion that PoP might be moonlighting as a Domino’s delivery driver… So THAT’S how you have time to take pictures all over the neighborhood all day…. I see…

  • No, that’s been the Dahlak forever and ever. Or at least since the early 80s, when I lived over that way.

  • I know I’ve seen an Eritrean restaurant on the east side of Georgia Avenue before, somewhere a little north of Howard, but haven’t been…

  • Who is that hot guy in the window??

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