Do You Think These Lots Will Eventually All Be Built On?

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I wonder with the way the real estate market is going if we will continue to see major construction of new condos in DC? We’ve all heard about the glut and all. Yet it still seems like many projects from large scale to smaller scale are still on going. Obviously if they’ve been in the works a while they will continue and perhaps be converted to rentals as we have seen. But I wonder about lots like the one pictured above. Are people still going to build here or wait a few years until the market gets its legs back?

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  • A lot of the now vacant lots in Shaw, CH and Petworth are not buildable because of modern zoning standards. The vacancies might not have anything to do with the market and everything to do with what one could or could not build there.

  • the city should force the vacant lot owners to either build, sell, or rent them out as neighborhood parking.

  • What about making it into pocket park?

  • the lot should eventually be able to be built on, especially as an interior unit on a row home block. From the looks of the pic, there was an existing structure there at some point that was torn down, thats why you see the square black steel plates, holding the wall against the beams of the home. About two months ago Fenty increased taxes on vacant lots by something like 300% (I cannot recall the exact number off hand) and the increase was intended to force lot owners to sell or develop.

    Thanks for the great blogging!!

  • is it possible to have two residences in dc? what if someone owned two homes, and spent equal time between them? moviestars have homes on two coasts, and do the same thing. do they have to declare a primary residence? i mean, what if you don’t have one – you have two?

    not to hijack the thread, i was just wondering if ya’ll experts knew….

  • No, it is not possible to have more than one primary residence. You have to register to vote, have your DL (or non-driver id), and so on, at a single place. This is made quite clear in your tax paperwork, your DL application, your voter registration…

  • yeah, vacant lots will be built on eventually. there are hardly any that can’t have a home shoehorned into them. zoning regulations or not, there can always be variances issued.

    check out the vacant lot at 1503 11th street. it’s just north of P street on the east side of the road. plans have been filed to build a new rowhouse there. it looks like a narrow lot, but it will be occupied. so, it’s happening, just more slowly in some parts of town than others.

  • Don’t claim the homestead on more than 1 property. A settlement attorney told me you would get busted for it. And remember it takes 10 weeks to get permits to build, assuming you have your paperwork in order and no faults are found with the blueprints.

  • It has title problems. That’s why it’s been for sale/under contract several times and it’s never gone to closing.

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