Bizarre Windows

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Can someone please explain to me that strip of cubed glass that runs above the door nearly to the roof? Was it done for privacy or style? Help me understand.

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  • I’m guessing that is the stairwell. Probably just for style and light.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Ah, a stairwell, that makes sense. I knew there was a reason. Thanks. Now I should have a dozen people call me a jackass. I deserve it.

  • those glass blocks are sooo 90’s.

  • The building that just opened next door to our between 13th and 14th on Euclid has really large windows made out of the glass blocks for the rooms that are relatively close to our building. I think it makes a lot of sense. Provides light, but some privacy. For instance, I can tell that they are watching TV, but I can’t tell what they are watching or whether they are in their underwear.

  • Oh, wait.


  • Eric- I think I know the building you are talking about, ee looked at condos on that block of Euclid a few months ago.

    I agree that those glass blocks make sense for privacy and light- BUT- I believe that they have to call any rooms with those in lieu of windows a “den” rather than a bedroom (even though they are big, and I think they have closets) because they don’t have an escapable window or door. I wonder if this was an oversight from the builder or what- as they now have to sell, what are essentially 3 bedroom condos, as “2 bedroom plus den”.

    I actually have no idea if that’s why they were selling them as 2 rather than 3 bedroom condos, but that was my theory.

  • 90’s?

    glass block has been around for over 100 years.
    it was popular in the 20’s. 60’s. 80’s. new designs lately are making it popular again.

    hang tight. i hear paisley is back in style too.
    be careful out there!

  • When we were remodeling our place we thought about putting in glass blocks in the bathroom (they make ones with built in vents now) to maximize light and privacy. We found out that they are surprisingly heavy though and would required us to add support to the wall.

  • That building was renovated in the early 90s and glass block and pipe-like stair rails (usually painted aqua) were the architect’s signature elements. You can still see his work around the neighborhood including on the 1800 block of 13th st and the 1400 block of Corcoran.

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