A Christmas Gift For Many

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Red Rocks has apparently abandoned its controversial outdoor tent. I think it is a good call.

Ed note: Everyone is away on vacation so this week is going to be very light posting. So safe travels to those on the road and happy holidays to all! Normal posting will return next Monday.

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  • Everyone is away? Some of us faithful readers are DC natives and not going anywhere. But still, happy holidays to all.

  • yea i’m glad to see that go as it was pretty ugly and the space wasnt really ever used…

    no PoP for a week? i don’t know what i’ll do considering i’m gonna be stuck at work all week. maybe i’ll take up a side gig and become “prince of park view” or some shit. watch out PoP, i’m gunning for you, first park view, then north to petworth.

    happy holidays.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Don’t fear j. I’ll be posting this week, just on a lighter schedule.

  • Not away. We promise, there are some locals here.

  • glad to see the tent is gone, but there is a more important question: will they be open tonight? And if not, what restaurants will be. I’m hungry, the fridge is empty, and I wanna surprise the wife who is working.

  • Thanks to RR for removing the tent. Next step is to add some trees/ landscaping to their space to bring some nature into their space (and perhaps install a less obtrusive sign). This Upshur St local thinks it would also attract more customers.

  • The sign is bad — but what exactly was wrong with the tent? It was white which was a little glaring, but otherwise it looked like a decent way to have winter outdoor dining.

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