14th Street has a Comics Book Store

IMG_6154, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Located at 1722 14th Street, Big Monkey Comics is located on the second floor and seems pretty cool if you are into that sort of thing. The store has been open for 9 months or so and before that they were located in Georgetown. Most Saturdays they have some events going on. This past Saturday there were some folks playing Hero Clix which they described as Chess with super heroes.  I think this store would make the Simpson’s Comic Book Guy proud. More photos after the jump.

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  • dude..that was you…awesome.

    You should have stayed.

  • This is so cool. I wonder how often people play games like that in the store? The one they’re playing looks awesome.

  • I used to drop in at this place in Georgetown. The staff was knowledgeable and it wasn’t one of those comic book shops that look like you are rummaging through someone’s basement. Welcome to 14th st….

  • there is normally a game on almost every Saturday beginning at one.

    It is a very fun game. Unfortunately my Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy figure did not conquer all as it should have.

  • This is great for the diversity of shops in MidCity! While I love to eat out and drink, it’s nice to have other stuff too. Welcome Big Monkey! Now where did I put those old D&D books…

  • Finally, a place to cruise for nerds!

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