When Did the French Come to Town?

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I feel like these folks are going to be striking for a long time. I can understand striking for better work hours, health care, higher wages, etc. But striking for justice? As far as I know, there hasn’t been any justice since the Yankees beat the Red Sox in game 7 of the ALCS in 2003.

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  • Hey PoP,

    “Strike” is the name of the tagger. He (or she) has hit a few buildings near me on Sherman Ave.

  • TheNeighbor

    Oh…..in that case, how about;
    “Strike for neighborhood clean-up”
    “Strike for defacing private property”
    “Strike for non-artistic tagging”

  • Actually you see this a lot on apartment buildings in Mt. Pleasant and Columbia Heights as well, usually accompanied by the Spanish–“huelga para justicia”. Usually they are buildings inhabited by Central American immigrants, and it started to pop up around the time of all of the pro-immigrant protests being held last year. I think it is a remnant of that, and not someone named “Strike.”

  • Actually, Strike is the tagger’s alias, and riding on the red line north of Brookland you can see some of his murals.

  • PoP: “justice” will be your dumb yanks ponying up a quadzillion dollars for A-Fraud so he can continue his clever disapearing act in the playoffs for another decade in NY. So much for the yanks swearing on the Babe’s ghost they’d never, ever, never talk to Mr. Humble. I mean, he’s been such a boon to the yanks so far, right?

  • I know the person who did this tag (not his best work mind you)….and, no, “Strike” is not an alias. He is a socialist and is very active in the labor movement (see what’s going on in Venezuela right now)…..Oh, and, PoP, though you can do no wrong in my eyes….I believe that “justice” does include better work hours, health care, higher wages etc.

  • Honestly, I don’t care if he’s a fascist anarchist, “tagging” SUCKS!!!! It’s destruction of property and don’t give me anything about how it at least starts a discussion or anything of that sort. I see it, I get angry and don’t even look at the message. There are better ways to get your message across than to spray paint on somebody’s house.

    Dude should be repeatedly toe-kicked in the junk for doing this!

  • Glad to see that the socailist have taken their message from the streets to the sides of people’s buildings. Honestly, does this help socialism? Venezuela? Nope, this is just petty street crime.

  • Wouldn’t a true socialist askew the use of spray paint since it is a product of the establishment… particularly huge, multi-national chemical corporations that poison the earth, utilize prison labor, and whose executives dine on the flesh of tender babies? Wouldn’t it be better and more earth-friendly to tag in their own blood or make jaunty sand paintings of the oppressed?

  • No! True socialist shoplifts spray can!

    Taggers are idiot miscreants.

  • jasong: so if you’re a vegetarian and shoplift a steak it’s okay to eat it? 🙂

  • If it feeds the Revolution, the end justifies the means. Or something.

  • Explain to me that while the message is profound and the cause may be just, why are there so many jokes about Latino’s and spray paint?

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