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  • Wow what a great ad. This looks like a great place to eat

  • I am definetely going to patronize them, to support a local business as well as eat some great looking pizza and Salvadoran food. Salvadoran food, which for those who don’t know it, is in the same ballpark as Mexican but less spicy. Pupusas, the national dish, as stuffed tortillas. And Salvadoran food abounds in Petworth. There’s El Torogoz (formerly Cuzcatleco) on 9th near Kansas Ave and El Limeño on Upshur across from the Old Soldiers’ Home. Thanks to the Post for reviewing local restaurants.

  • I have decided it is the best pizza in town. Before they opened, I was a Vace addict and a sometimes Al’s Pizza on Capitol Hill. I think it is even better than Paradiso’s. I think it’s a little strange to have Salvadoran food and pizza/Italian. I feel like there are so many other good Salvaloran restaurants in the neighborhood. I understand though if they make money off the breakfasts. My husband and I went there last week and had nachos (which were so good) and pizza and panini. I think there is something missing and I can’t quite put my finger on it. It lacks some sort of warmth- it feels like a carryout inside. Maybe candles on the tables (the olive oil on the tables is nice). I don’t know, I feel like they have to be either a really good carryout/eat there place without table service (like NYC pizza places) or spruce it up a bit for a sit down place. I will still eat there as often as I can, and maybe I should just accept it for what it is but I feel with the amazing pizza and nachos they are serving it should be packed with people.

  • i live in brightwood and ordered delivery from them….they were at my place in like 20 min or so!! i was pretty shocked of how fast they arrived…the pizza was great.

    ive also been to the restaurant and service was great. i believe it was one of their sons that waited on us. nice to see a family place like this doing well.

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