Ulah Bistro Bar and Lounge Coming to U Street

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Anyone know the scoop on the Ulah Bistro coming to U Street between 13th and 12th?  Thanks Justin for the correction!

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  • Utah? As in, the state where most people don’t drink alcohol? Maybe we can suggest a marketing guru for them…

  • Are you sure it isn’t Ulah Bistro?

  • Aha! Justin, you’re smart. Because I, too, was thinking, “Utah?”

    Ulah Bistro has a website, though.

  • Yay! More brick oven pizza! (/Sarcasm) Can this trend be over now? It’s so 1998.

  • I heard that tey should be opening on February 17th, plus or minus a day or two, said the GM. I, being nosey as always, poked my head in there today. The place looks really nice, granite bar, open kitchen, upstairs has a really long black granit bar with hanging lights all around it. I look forward to it, because I would like to see more “regular” american food on the street, espesially for open for lunch. Plus, I think he said that they are going to open the kitchen until 1am!!!! Yeah, finally I don’t have to have Bens Chilli bowl that late at night.

  • I had brunch today at Utah Bistro. Beautiful space, lousy food. You would think in this neighborhood they would have some decent vegetarian options and at least 1 vegan option on the menu. I had the greek omelet. In addition to the eggs being overcooked, they fried the eggs like a pancake then put this nasty overcooked spinach-tomato mash in the center along with cold feta cheese and folded it over. I expressed to the waiter that I was not happy with the food and he said “I’m sorry” and walked away. I watched for the manager for some time, but I didn’t see one the whole time we were in the restaurant.

    I doubt they will be around long if they can’t improve the food and service. It’s a shame since the restaurant is beautiful. I shall not be going back.

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