Twenty-Twenty Five Acre Park Coming Soon to Armed Forces Retirement Home

From the ANC 4C meeting as posted on the Petworth Listserv:

“Timothy Cox, Chief Operating Officer, Armed Forces Retirement Home, provided information pertaining to the Draft Master Plan, 2007 version, for development of the Home. Planned development includes the development of office space, apartments, condominiums, shops and a hotel in the southeast corner near North Capitol and Irving Streets. The Home also plans to create a twenty-to-twenty- five acre public park with bike and walking paths accessible from Irving Street NW. “

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  • Does anyone know where I can find more information about this?

  • I don’t see anything about a 25 acre park, just a lot of $$$ for greedy developers in that plan. Oh, and the ruination of greenspace for more pointless midrise buildings with zero character.

  • You have to speak bureaucrat. Its on page 114 of the PDF:

    “The forested areas that fall within Zone B’s boundaries should be
    protected. The natural stream should be preserved, along with as
    much of the tree cover as practical. The historic fence should be
    restored and maintained.”

    I’m all for development of new residential and commercial in Zones B and C. Anything that might speed the cleanup of Park View and the Georgia Ave metro area. But, Zone A does appear to be an enormous sop to developers.

  • KGS: I’m not sure how destroying the western side of AFRH helps Park Place or Georgia Ave. long term. Those changes are already in the making and some crappily built new townhouses and the destruction of a great greenspace (and potential public park) will be a negative down the road. Why build more buildings in an area that still has more than it’s fair share of abandoned or underdeveloped properties? It only makes sense for the benefit of the developers pocketbooks, and the Park Place and PW get left with a huge eyesore. The current plan is too dense by at least 50%. The entire western portion of the property west of the golf course should remain a greenspace.

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