The Genius Behind Dunkin Donuts

IMG_5910, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

You see, not only is the coffee spectacular but Dunkin Donuts also has the best cups and certainly the most superior lids for any carry out coffee.
The genius behind the Dunkin Donuts lid is its locking mechanism which easily opens and closes for smooth drinking. I am still stunned that there is only one Dunkin Donuts serving the Petworth/Columbia Heights/U Street neighborhoods.

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  • Not to rain on your lurve for DD, but I think that’s the same top they use at the Dairy Queen and some McDonalds rather than some innovative DD invention.

  • Yeah, they use those lids at gas stations all over the US. But I do agree, they’re pretty slick for a disposable coffee lid.

  • whats with the dunkin donuts obsession? go live in massachusetts for a bit, you’ll be so sick of seeing them in a few days. its like starbucks, there’s one of every f’in corner

  • Yep, good quality product. Also hear that they stay around for a few hundred years too!

  • They are all over Chicago as well, but what I want is the donut and chinese food place from the West Coast that are the equivalent of the fried chicken/chinese food places out here. Except that the donuts are so good, and so cheap. (The chinese food — just like ours! — not so much.)

  • aren’t they styrofoam?

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