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You see a sight like this makes me believe that simply placing more garbage cans on our main streets would make a big difference. People aren’t just throwing their trash on the ground in this instance, they are actually taking the time to place it in a light pole. Damn it, whoever can get us more trash cans on the street, get us more trash cans on the street. Please.

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  • Ugh! That is gross and lazy!

    But even when there are garbage cans in plain sight, people don’t use them. I was waiting for the 70 once and these two teenage girls were eating popsicles. I was standing near a garbage can but instead of dumping their trash in it they threw it right no the sidewalk.

    I told them to pick up their trash, but of course they did that “Hawh?” mess and ignored me. I cannot count the number of times I’ve either yelled at or have picked up after these idiots.

  • I agree. More garbage cans may help, but I think a lot of people are just fine finishing whatever they are eating/drinking and then throwing it on the ground. It doesn’t matter if the trash can is 20 feet away. My street looks like shit after Halloween.

  • The idea of what is littering is very confusing to some people in the City.

    For example:

    I once saw some one reach down and throw their empty bottle in a city Drain. Being the mouthy person I am, I decided to call her out on this blatant display of littering. She looked at me like I was insane, so I went on to explain to her that Drains where not trash cans and that all the trash that goes down the drain ends up in the river.

    Her response was, “So?”

    “SO!, So the Ancostia river is a National Disgrace and filled with trash from lazy people who litter in the city.” I said.

    Her response was, “So?”

    “SO!, So people have to go and clean up the river every year!” I replied

    Her response was , “So what? That is what they are there for”

    At that point I gave up, this woman thinks that every one around her is just there serve he needs and wants and does not care how her actions affect other people around her.

    In my opinion, people who get caught blatantly littering like this women, should have to spend 100 hours of community service along the river up to their waste in trash cleaning up our waterways.

  • An exercise in futility. Numerous occaisions on the metro and on the street “asking” people to pick up their trash.

    Once in Crystal City a very well dressed gentleman, probably in his 40’s, took a piece of paper out of his briefcase, looked at it, and threw it under the seat on the platform.

    After I “asked” him to pick it up, he pretended to put it back in his briefcase, but then casually put is arm up on the wall, and dropped it in that weird space between the platform and the wall in the station. I was so shocked that he thought he was being smooth by doing that and thought that I didn’t see him do it, that I just stared at him in disgust until he got up and walked farther down the platform to wait for the train. Unbeliveable.

  • screw the community service, the schmucks should have to drink and bath in the anacostia for 100 hours….that’ll teach em’

  • Pauper, better yet, this particular woman should have been pushed down the drain herself, and let her float down the system all the way to the river, hoping she would be picked up by those cleaning it… 😉

    Anyway, I asked some city official or another whether it would be possible to get trash cans on our street. Unfortunately, it appears, the City simply does not have the resources to collect trash on all streets, and therefore, cans are only installed on main streets (i.e. the 13th and 14th St. kind). I have been toying around with the idea of putting a can out in front of our house myself and see what happens.. of course I would have to weld it/lay a concrete foundation to avoid it getting kicked over or stolen…

  • One of the cleanest (actually probably the cleanest) North American cities that I’ve ever been in is Toronto. There are trash receptacles EVERYWHERE. Like almost ever other light poll. It’s pretty unreal. And the trash bins are never over flowing with trash. I assume this costs a fortune to do, though. Emptying all those bins all the time.

    Another thing that would help is if DC had deposits on recyclables. You never seen tin cans or glass bottles laying around the streets in California. Well almost ever. There’s just too much value in that.

    DC does need to do a better job with community education about taking care of the city. My block tends to get a lot of stuff thrown into the gutter. It gets bad by spring. Sometimes I go out there to pick it up.

    We need a campaign similar to the Don’t Mess With Texas or Don’t Trash Oakland campaigns that were aimed at litter. And increased fines for littering on top of that.

  • Inaudible Nonsense, you got it 100% right.

    There needs to be better community education.

    I still can not believe the response from that woman “so, thats what they are there for”

  • It kinda sad though that you would have to “educate” someone to not litter.. I mean..

    In terms of cost, I wonder what is more expensive in the end: adding more bins and collecting from them, or having to have those “wacuum cleaner” car thingies patrolling the streets constantly..

  • GforGood — You have to have both or all three. Even Toronto.

    And not littering is a learned behavior. It’s a moral and ethical choice, but it has to be taught. If it wasn’t something you did from birth — no baby would ever through their food on the floor.

  • Oh I know, and that’s what I meant: it is sad that parents don’t teach their kids here to not litter – the city shouldn’t have to educate on something that basic. I know, I am naive. 🙂

  • Actually, the “Don’t Mess with Texas” campaign really worked. When I was a mere lad in the late ’70’s the sides of the highways and main streets in Houston were as bad or worse than DC. The state spent a lot of money on media, school programs, AND upped the littering fine to $1000 or up to 30 days in jail and the transformation is pretty remarkable. To this day I flinch when people throw cigarette butts out of the car window because I fear being hauled off to jail. A few stories circulating amongst the teenagers about spending the weekend in jail for throwing trash on the ground will cure this problem… but I doubt DC government has the will to really do that.

  • I think a lot of this behavior stems not only from a lack of education, but a lack of ‘community ownership’ on the part of residents. If you’ve lived with this your entire life and felt more like your community cared less about itself than you did, you probably wouldn’t change your ways. Most of the cleanest cities I’ve been to are characterized by 1) major social programs 2) a very strong sense of community owenership through public works and high voter turnout and 3) major munnicipal services that do daily cleanup of public spaces. The latter aspect may be a point of contention. Though having the city ‘do it for you’ might lead some to take cleanliness for granted, I think it helps keep the streets clean enough that they don’t hit the critical point of ‘it’s full of crap anyway, so why should I care?’. I’m not betting on public services to save us, but I do think a public campaign combined with business partnerships would go a long way toward a litter free community. So, props to all of you vigelante litter-cops! I say keep up the good scowls and do what you can.

  • Hi i think u guys are all right… i am studying water pollution and why not to throw trash in the streets and all of this information helpz me… people r so stupid for trowing trash in the streets…

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