Sucker MCs Should Call Me Sire

RUN DMC & Me, originally uploaded by Jaffa.

Remember Run DMC’s style from the 80s with those big gold chains? I swear the style is coming back. I’ve seen a number of young kids sporting those huge gold chains on the metro. Have you guys seen this too?

In that spirit, I’ll leave you with some DMC poetry:

Now Dr. Seuss and Mother Goose both did their thing
But Jam Master’s gettin loose and D.M.C.’s the king
Cause he’s adult entertainer
Child educator
Jam Master Jay king of the crossfader
He’s the better of the best best believe he’s the baddest
Perfect timin when I’m climbin I’m a rhymin apparatus
Lot of guts
When he cuts
Girls move their butts
His name is Jay hear the play he must be nuts
And on the mix real quick and I’d like to say
He’s not Flash but he’s fast and his name is Jay

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  • Please pull this off your blog. It only demonstrates your complete lack of understanding of Hip Hop and Run-DMC.

  • I kinda like seeing this, POP. This was back before hip hop became plagued with
    minstrelsy and misogyny


    he was killed 5 years (and a week) ago over some drug dealer bullshit (most likely)

  • POP, thanks for reminding me how old I am 😉 Yeah… our society works on the 20 year pendulum shift so the 80’s style is now cool in the 2000’s. I started seeing kids sporting this “new-retro” style since 2005 (at home in NYC). Too bad I got rid of my pinstripe Lee’s (for you “Rap” fans… these jeans were the true wardrobe staples). I think I still have my “Frankie Goes to Hollywood” and WHAM neon shirts. Aaaahhhh… the good ole’ days.

  • Joey- are you joking?

    There really isnt anything in this entry about attempting to try to “understand” hip hop or the Reverend Run. PoP is simply alluding to the idea that some old school rappers – e.g. LL Cool J, Digital Underground, the Fat Boyz and, yes, Rund DMC, rocked a different style back then, which sometimes consisted of heavy thick gold chains, and then asking the blog community to comment on whether they have noticed this old school style come back. True, not just old school rappers rocked the style, but they brought it to the forefront. It’s the same as alluding to the idea that many rock bands of the 80s rocked the long hair dos – e.g. slayer and nelson.

    If you were joking…lol…nevermind 🙂

  • What’s to “understand” about Run DMC other than that they are the kings of rock and there ain’t none any higher?

  • there is this one kid i always see around columbia heights who looks like he stepped out of the past. hes got the flat top hair cut with lines, big gold chains, sweet kicks. glad this style is coming back. now if women start wearing shoulder pads again ill be set.

  • Crap–Sergio!!! beat me to it! I see that kid nearly every day. He also has an old school beeper and big TV screen glasses that I swear don’t have lenses. It’s cute and everything, but he does it so often and so all out that I honestly wonder if maybe something’s not quite right. No hate, I’m just scratching my head here.

  • i totally saw this dude walking down 13th street about two weeks ago…he had a gumby about 6 inches tall, wearing some sports team jacket, and was carrying a big ole’ boombox. i was so jealous of him. he looked so freaking cool. i love it.

  • I totally see this old school style, especially on some Cardozo students. love it.

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