Pop Up on Top of a Pop Up

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I think we’ve discussed this house before but I’m it seems to have sprouted another smaller level. What is that for? Will that be living space too?

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  • How did this get a permit? It looks hideous.

  • That’s probably an area to step up onto a rooftop deck (which would be on top of the addition).

  • I always wondered what a wart on top of a tumor would look like.

  • Another trailer lands on top of a house. When will it end?

  • I fully expect a giant red clown nose, preferably blinking, to cap off said tumor.

    As for permits, roofdecks are generally illegal under all circumstances. Having gotten a permit for a deck before, I remember there’s a limit to how high above street level it can be (something like 20 feet). Someone needs to call DCRA on these jokers. What’s the address?

    Much construction in DC is done without permits. The ugly pop-up across the street from me got shut down about one month in (and nothing has happened since then). Hassling the developer may or may not change the outcome on that house, but at the very least it will make it more expensive for them and maybe they’ll think twice about the next atrocious flip they are considering.

  • The VIEW from that roof is going to be terrific — on Euclid looking south. If anyone else has visited Donatelli’s Kenyon Square, ditto.

  • Jeez, That last comment about Euclid makes me think it’s at 11th and euclid, but I could be wrong. To make matters worse, if it is at 11th and Euclid, it is the first row of houses one sees in Columbia Hieghts traveling up the hill on 11th. Bastards!

  • I think it is on Clifton St. close to the corner of 11th st, overlooking the School.
    I went see this house when it was for sale beginning of this year. I decided on another house since it needed a lot of work. Looks like it will be turned to a condo.

  • does anyone know the cost of a pop up like this? $150k? I am really curious.

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