Petworth Metro Getting a New Sculpture

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Apparently the DC Commission for the arts has selected the Petworth metro to receive a new sculpture. It is really quite beautiful. The artist is Lisa Scheer and she collaborated with a poet, Ethebert Miller. On the leaf a poem reads: “Every leaf surrenders to air We dance We flutter We touch the earth” Beautiful words to go with a beautiful sculpture.

No dedication date has been set yet but the work should be fully completed by the end of this week. We are very lucky to have this addition.

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  • That is lovely. E. Ethelbert Miller is a wonderful local treasure; He’s a longtime professor at Howard. Your posting this reminded me that I’ve been meaning to look up information on the poem that is engraved on the Q Street entrance to the Dupont Metro, and I actually found the info on Ethelbert Miller’s blog. I did not know that the Whitman poem was meant to evoke the early response to AIDS/HIV; in these times, it made me think on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan:

    Dupont Circle Metro Poetry Public Art Project – Estimated completion of project: October 2006
    The DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities in cooperation with the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA), Arts in Transit Program has selected two poems to be engraved at the Dupont Circle Metro Station. The selected poems by local poet, Ethelbert Miller, and one the great American poets, Walt Whitman, are inspired by, and celebrates caregivers in the local AIDS/HIV response, particular volunteer efforts in the early days of the epidemic. The poem by Walt Whitman will be permanently engraved on the inside wall at the Dupont Circle Metro Station, north side Q Street exit. The poem by Ethelbert Miller will be permanently engraved around a circular bench in front of the station wall. The poems read:


    We fought against the invisible
    We looked to one another for comfort
    We held the hands of friends and lovers
    We did not turn our backs
    We embraced
    We embraced

    © E. Ethelbert Miller, 2005


    Thus in silence in dreams’ projections,
    Returning, resuming, I thread my way through the hospitals;
    The hurt and wounded I pacify with soothing hand,
    I sit by the restless all the dark night – some are so young;
    Some suffer so much – I recall the experience sweet and sad…

  • metro likes putting leaf sculptures at its stations. The New York Ave station also has one. hmm…

  • Nice. Hope its the first sign of work starting on the street scape upgrades.. 😉 Although they are supposed to only start en force in the spring/summer.

  • I don’t think the HIV/AIDS epidemic inspired Walt Whitman (1819-1892). I see it as a selection in response to the current war/s and George W Bush in general.

  • I’m sorry but that picture looks as if something fell off a building and landed there.

  • a leaf?


    very cool (gag).

    but… i guess it’s better than a turnip.

  • Bogfrog — yes, I can see where that was awkward phrasing. Obviously Walt Whitman was not inspired by HIV/AIDS. Supposedly the choosers of that particular poem were, but maybe that’s just a fig leaf (ha!) to cover their true intent…

    Anyway, the entire Whitman poem “The Wound-Dresser” is gruesome and florid and beautiful. I recommend reading it…

  • I really like it…..I just hope that people take care of it (read: it doesn’t become a temptation for taggers)

  • Hopefully it fares better than the panda that got its ears lobbed off.

  • I like the poem, but the sculpture makes me think of wilted lettuce. :-

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