Nice Porch Feature

IMG_5864, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Now if you don’t have a glider or a good chair for your porch you may try this route: the Hammock. Perhaps the most underrated from the outdoor “furniture” family. This particular hammock is the super sweet kind that wraps all around you when you lie in it. One drawback, it is difficult to have your morning coffee in it… However, an afternoon bottle of Budweiser is no problem at all.

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  • Hammocks have to be the most uncomfortable nap choice out there. Give me a nice couch any day. (But not on the porch, please.) 🙂

  • I’ll bet next month’s mortgage that the hammack is from EL Salvador, as are its owners. It’s a nice touch from the old country I’ve seen on several Salvadoran families’front porches or out back.

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