New Restaurant and Cafe/Lounge/Bar Coming to 9th St.

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Expo located at 1928 9th St. is fixing to be a pretty cool scene. Anyone heard the about this place? It looks like it still may have a long time to go…

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  • What’s up with the “open for business” remark? I’ve walked by there and never quite understood where the supposed open restaurant was.

  • Anyone been to La Carbonara, down the street from there? I’ve always been really curious about that place and have a feeling it might be good.

  • Yeah, my wife ad I have gone about three times. The food is okay – at a nice price. Very clean and the staff is very nice. Sometimes there are some communication problems as the English is not very good, but a nice quiet place. It should be noted that even though it is an Italian restaruant, it is etheopian run and owned. I think the odd connection is explained by Mussolini’s conquest of ethopia in the 1930’s driven by his crazied need to rebuild the Roman Empire – From Wikepedia:

    “Italian dictator Benito Mussolini had long held a desire for a new Italian Empire. Reminiscent of the Roman Empire, Mussolini’s new empire was to rule over the Mediterranean and North Africa. His new empire would also avenge past Italian defeats. Chief among these defeats was the Battle of Adwa which took place in Ethiopia on March 1, 1896. Mussolini promised the Italian people “a place in the sun”, matching the extensive colonial empires of the United Kingdom and France.” –

  • I’m just thrilled to see someone else say “fixing”. Thanks POP!

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