New PoP Feature: How’d I Miss This?

IMG_5802, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

It was bright out, sorry for the bad photo. But this is the front of Artfully Chocolate located at 1529 14th Street in the new Matrix building. I’m not sure when it opens but I remember people were very eager to have a chocolate shop…

Also a new clothing store is going in right next door I think it will be called Universal.

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  • The clothing shop is Universal Gear. They currently have on on 17th Street between Annie’s and Q Street.

  • I think this is a chocolate shop from Del Ray, Alexandria. I went during the art festival and the owners said they were excited to be opening a new shop on 14th and P. Those red and yellow colors on the sign are the same color scheme as the Del Ray store.

  • We’re still negotiating for a space for a chocolate shop in Columbia Heights. It takes awhile to get all the architecture stuff and planning and real estate and DC regulations all in order. Meanwhile, check out to see what will be arriving in storefront fashion to Columbia Heights hopefully sooner than later.

  • Yeah, I’ve noticed that sign up for awhile now. I have no idea when it will actually open. It looks like Universal Gear will get there before the chocolate place does.

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