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Recommend a “beautiful romantic restaurant with excellent views and a large menu with vegetarian options” for someone visiting the US for the first time.

Help someone find a “heating/cooling” guy.

Still looking for volunteer opportunities.

Someone can answer your questions about FHA loans.

Incidentally, I found this quote on the forum “Have to say, I’m really frustrated from all the calls we made to people on the Checkbook list – most were just busy, and that’s ok, but some of them didn’t want to work in Petworth. I am not pleased with that.” Have you encountered contractors unwilling to go to Petworth or Columbia Heights or where ever you live?

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  • As a public school teacher, I can tell you that local schools utilize the services of volunteers. I know of one retired neighbor lady who goes into the kindergarten class and, with supervision of the classroom teacher, escorts the kindergarteners to the lunchroom, helps them open their lunches and aids in maintaining control. She is independent, not afilifated with any organization. Experience Corps, for retirees, maybe not the Prince of Petworth crowd, trains individuals to tutor or assist in classrooms. They are very well received and most effective. As for after school opportunities, those interested in volunteering should go into local schools and ask to speak with the principal or counselor. Elementary schools in or around Petworth include Clark ES, Barnard ES, Powell ES, Raymond ES, Truesdell ES and Rudolph ES.

  • I did try to do that. After hearing back from a local principal very quickly by email, we set up an appointment for the two of us to meet. I got to the school and she wasn’t there. No one seemed to know what I was there for. I waited for a half-hour and she never showed. I had to go to work, so I left a note and left. I didn’t hear back from her. Fearing that maybe my note had gone astray, I emailed her again a day or two later. She said she was going through a family emergency, and would get back in touch with me. And that was the end of that.

    I know I’m just one person, and that principals are incredibly busy, but that was a disappointing interaction. I’d still like to be involved in the schools, but maybe it’s better to try and do that through an organization, rather than on one’s own.

  • To Christina above: A basic law of nature; never expect anyone from DCPS to EVER return you phone calls. If you’re interested, keep calling. Principals are often so busy puttting out fires (figuratively speaking) and dealing with discipline issues, as well as trying to stay off the new chancellor’s hit list, that they mean well but have to prioritize.

  • I repeat, maybe I’m trying to convince myself, but I’m not a fan of charter schools but… Think about this!! Christina has been trying to offer her services to a neighborhood school as a volunteer and she doesn’t get her phone calls returned, etc. Look who posted inviting neighbors to tutor in his new beautiful school, but a charter school principal. These charter school types are giving public schools a real run for our money and I hate to say it, they are looking better and better every day, and I’m a DCPS teacher and a loyal union member.

  • In fairness, I did get fairly prompt responses to my emails. It’s just that the face-to-face meeting fell apart. I would have pursued it further, but I got busy and part of me was thinking, well, heck, I’m the one trying to help, here. Shouldn’t they make time? But you’re right, I should have recognized that with all the changes in central office, people don’t have time for a freelance volunteer.

    But it does make me wonder what good I could do; I volunteered for a short time at a DC high school and the program was disorganized and I didn’t feel like I was doing those kids a service, at all. Even though they WANTED to learn, desperately. These were sweet kids.

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