New Ethiopian Restaurant Now Open On Georgia Ave.

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As stated earlier a new Ethiopian Restaurant has come to Georgia Ave. Abol Restaurant and Market is located at 4422 Georgia Ave. It is open from 7am to 10pm so you have lots of opportunity to check it out. It has a really pleasant vibe about it almost like a relaxed cafe. But in addition to Ethiopian food they also offer Coffee, Cappuccinos, and Lattes. I unfortunately was just walking by and popped in but didn’t get to sample the goods yet. Has anyone eaten here yet? Check out the spices after the jump.

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  • I cant wait to try it out

  • Not a fan of the plastic table covering or of the decor in general. And while that may sound snobby, when you go out to eat you are paying not only for food, but for ambiance and service!

  • I really like the decor. It is a really cozy, intimate setting and the wall of spices is cool.

    I went in there the other day and said hi to the proprietor; I’m also excited to try it out.

    P.S. This restaurant (along with others) is in my google map of petworth, which I threw together one day.

  • Anon:
    Have you ever eaten Ethiopian? It can get pretty messy. I don’t blame them for having plastic on the table. Its either that, no table cloth, or washing them after every use…

    I think I am going tomorrow with friends to check this out!

  • Check out the small Mom and Pop Ethiopian restaurant across at 14th and Crittendon, just across from the big Metrobus depot. Appropriately named “Ethiopian Restaurant”
    However, so small it only serves vegetarian or meat (as combo or separately).

    They also serve breakfast.

  • This is one of my favorite restaurants! The decor is great, the food is great and portions are ample – I always can take home some for the next day. The spirit of hospitality there is wonderful too.

  • The food at this restaraunt is some of the best Ethiopian in the District. The proprietors are incredibly warm and are always welcoming and warm towards my children which is important to me. Since we became regulars, they often throw in extra food for my family and often do coffee ceremonies for guests. If you like Ethiopian check it out.

  • The food in this restaurant is soooooooooo good. I had it last night and I am going back tonight.

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