McDonald’s Walk up Window on U Street

Is a walk up window really that much faster than just going in and ordering? Is this what is wrong with America today?

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  • Yes, this is just wrong… Although, I must admit: nothing better than Meal Number One every now and then. 😀

  • Maybe the walk up window is open later than the inside? But I think it is genius, it is the drive through for the urban walking community.

  • The walk up window is open much later than the inside…I always assumed it was a safety measure, rather than pandering to the obese American public.

  • Its just another way to get food quicker. Mc donalds in NYC has a few of these walk up windows too

  • Yes, I thought it was ridiculous as well, but the walk up window is only open late at night, when you’re no longer allowed to go inside McDonald’s. It’s for safety. And the lines are a lot less long than at Ben’s Chili Bowl, so if you’re an impatient drunk like I am, you don’t have to wait an hour for your greasy fast food at 3 am, even if it’s not nearly as good as Ben’s.

  • I can’t wait until we have Carl’s Jr. kiosks like in the movie “Idiocracy”.

  • Correct. With drunken idiots carousing on U street late night, the propensity for disaster is much higher when they’re all milling around impatiently in a confined space. Not to mention if someone tries to rob you, it’s a lot easier to shut the window than it is to secure an entire floor.

  • Genius, like Queen of Miso wrote.
    Better to have a walk-up window than walk through the drive-up window (e.g. in some banks) — traffic is so dangerous around here.

  • But it’s not safe for the patrons…I’ve heard stories of creepy guys bothering women there late at night.

    Use that walk-up window at your own discretion.

  • I always thought it was because of the bus stop. There is always a big crowd there waiting for the 90 buses. I’d be likely to order there if I were waiting–and could see if the bus was approaching than go inside and potentially miss the bus.

  • it’s great, as someone who has tried to walk up to a drive through to make an order, and failed, this is a great idea, especially in such an urban environment.

  • Walk-up windows are also great if you are walking a dog and need a bottle of water for the parched pup.

  • We are fat and lazy (and the former is directly related to the latter). So the window makes perfect sense to me….

  • I think this is a great idea because you can get your food without having to see the inside of the McDonald’s. I always wonder at the people (excluding the homeless) who choose to sit down and eat in there– I would lose my appetite just being in there.

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