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  • Again, The have much better food than just a burger

  • But I do think that how well a restaurant can do something that simple is telling. That said, I’d give ’em a break since they’ve only been open a couple weeks.

  • Nevermind the $15 burger–something needs to be done about the $16 Chicken and Waffle. I went to Marvin’s opening week and ordered it, thinking I was finally going to experience what that Roscoe’s phenomenon in LA was all about. Instead I was completely underwhelmed.

    First off, I noticed only one lone waffle on my plate. Strike one. That would’ve been acceptable if it was a large, thick, crispy-on-the-outside and soft-on-the-inside, honest-to-goodness, Belgian waffle. Nope. It was like one of those store-bought frozen Aunt Jemima waffles (the square ones.) Strike two. Now I turn my attention to the chicken. It was a quality bird, tender and juicy with a crisp, golden-friend crust. But for $16, can I get at least a half-breast? Nope. I had what amounted to a giant chicken finger. Strike three. I guess they figured if they gave me any more meat, they’d have to add another waffle to balance it out. Ridiculous! And why can’t I get my choice of side (like the famous pommes frites?) WHY AM I FORCED TO EAT BRUSSEL SPROUTS WITH MY CHICKEN AND WAFFLE?

    Anyway, the manager (Claude?) did stop by and I voiced my concerns. He did say that they were waiting on delivery for a new waffle iron that would greatly improve the quality of the waffle, and he took my other concerns to heart. Hopefully they can improve the meal or lower the price. I know I’m not going back until they do.

  • WCP is not know for getting good shots of food (that cheeseburger looks blah! The cheese is supposed to ooze all over it, not be plopped in a corner), but damned if I’d pay $15 for a burger. There’s a place in my neck of the woods (Ice Cream Station) where I can get a big burger for a fraction of the price.

  • Gee I am so shocked that the trendy place makes a crappy $15 burger.

  • No thanks, I’ll take a whole dinner at one of the abundant soul food establishments like the Florida Avenue Grill.

  • No thanks, I’ll take a whole dinner at one of the abundant soul food establishments like the Florida Avenue Grill at that price.

  • I put the blame squarely on the customer. They wouldn’t serve a $15 burger if dumbasses didn’t buy it. There are certain items that EVERY restaurant HAS to sell: a caesar salad, a steak, a burger. No matter how ethnicky they are, that’s the junk they have to have. Because people go to Indian places or pizza places or vegetarian places and instead of ordering Indian or pizza or something non-meat they order caesar salads or a steak or a burger because PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS. “Oh, I don’t feel like pizza or pasta. HOW ARE YOUR BURGERS?” Of course they’re going to SUCK, but that doesn’t stop mental cripples from ordering them and then complaining about how bad they suck. It’s like the guy who went to Restaurant Eve (not known for their steaks) and ordered A STEAK then tried to complain that he wanted it well-done but it was only medium-well but couldn’t get a waiter so he ate the whole thing then tried to get it comped.

    As for Marvin, I could care less about the food. I just wish the upstairs barkeeps would quit watering down the drinks. They could learn a thing or two from The Gibson next door. Those guys are serious about drinks.

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