I’m Starting to Get Worried About the Future of the Jehovah’s Witnesses

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Every time a follower hands me a Watchtower at the Petworth metro the follower tends to be in their 60s or 70s. Where is the youth? Who will hand me my Watchtower in 10 or 20 years? Or is that why they are giving me the Watchtower so frequently…oh I get it, never mind.

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  • Don’t know but it makes me think of All Along the Watchtower! That makes me think of the remake of that song which appeared at the end of BSG.

  • Several years ago, and on the other side of the country, I used to get the Watchtower from a much more youthful set, so I think they have a next generation. I was always perplexed at their ability to be up and at’em so early on Saturday mornings (which was like, 10AM)… And somewhat resentful of their unwelcome interruption of my hang-over induced sleep-in.

    Perhaps they had me targeted as a soul that really needed the saving 🙂

  • They still come around to our place every so often, and they’re always young, so fear not, PoP.

  • a group of about 7 or so of them have meetings every saturday morning in the bldg across the street from me. i guess they talk or pray or something before they all go “to work”. the ladies always take their little boys, with messenger bag and all, probably full of pamphlets. they’re grooming them.

  • Having been awaken from sleep, on a precious weekend day in which i can sleep in by these people–I hope it goes out of business fast!

  • That poster looks like it’s the promo for some 80’s movie starring a young Jennifer Connolly, like Labrynth or something….

  • I asked one of my co-workers (in her early 40s) who is a Jehovah’s witness about this. Apparently the street pamphlet thing is a throw-back to their earlier recruiting methods. She told me that only older-folk do it now, because they’re “too lazy” to go door-to-door like she and other younger people do.

  • I’m a Russian one from former republic of former USSR.

    Herein these prophets go not only on their feet but by phone as well. THey just dial round a set of numbers form .. and to …

    One morning a girl 16 called me with her preaching. So, they really have the next generation.

    Yeah, I have used this case to open her eyes to the matter of false 607 BCE date, but it seems she will never call me back again… I only hope She will grow up and remember our long investigation of the matter 607/587. This time she fell into right hands of mine. (note: she told me her school teacher of History is also a JW sister! Her mom is too, and dad is not and does not live with them, cos he’s not good because does not wish to learn their teachings with them…)

    Hope you understand my writtings.

    So, HELP them when you have the chace to see the pitfalls of their system of religious teachins, hidden from them by their leaders.


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