I Love the New African American Heritage Trail

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Apparently I’ve been walking by Duke Ellington’s childhood home almost everyday and didn’t even know it. I think it is the 1800 block of 13th Street.

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  • Have you gone down Sherman Ave yet to see Dr Drew’s house?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Not yet. Where on Sherman?

  • Dr. Drew from Loveline? I love that guy! He and Adam Carolla usedta crack me up.

    I’m guessing you mean Dr. Charles Drew, though. Great man.

  • Ellington did indeed live at 1816 13th Street. He is supposed to have written “Soda Fountain Rag”, his first composition, while living in this house.
    The Ellington family also lived at 1212 T-which is right around the corner…
    Ellington’s last DC residence was 2728 Sherman Avenue. After that , he moved to NYC… and the rest….. you know…

  • Indeed, Charles Drew – and it’s 3324 Sherman Ave NW (just above Lamont St).

  • Well, let’s hope the Ellingtons had better soundproofing on their walls than we do. (Just in case he had a streak of inspiration at 4 am)

  • The plaque, at 1805 13th St., was put up within the past two weeks. Another highlight of the block, America’s Merseyside Terrier, lives a few doors up, but she (so far) does not rate a historical plaque.

  • it’s a bummer that dc tore down the place from his early days (right below u street and…. 13th – i think). on the upside, at least folks are starting to give value to dc’s wonderful and colorful history!

  • saf- i am assuming you are referring to charles drew ( the house at 3324 sherman ave)?
    both ellington biographies (“beyond category” and james lincoln collier’s “duke ellington”, along with mark tucker’s “ellington: the early years) confirm the 2728 address as ellington’s first purchased house, and the last place he lived before moving to nyc… there’s a plaque on the site. i had the privlege of attending the unveiling ceremony…. well, a lot of people did….

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