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We have spoken about the scourge of double parking before. But this just tops them all. You can see this car has double parked, unfortunately not too unusual, but in this instance there was like three huge parking spots that he could have taken. Where does this ridiculous sense of entitlement come from?

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  • Ugh, tell me about it! Don’t you sometimes wish you could issue a “Citizen’s Citation” or something? It’s because of morons like this that traffic gets backed up 5 or 6 blocks.

    And of course it’s one of those mammoth gas-guzzling SUVs…

  • Where does his sense of entitlement come from? Well, someone who feels the need for a vehicle like that in the city generally doesn’t really think about much more than themselves, do they? (Yes, you can all start slinging mud at me now. Unless you work construction or have like 5 kids, I don’t see why anyone needs a huge frickin’ SUV in the city.)

  • well the person obviously has a f*ck you attitude toward the environment, with the size of the vehicle he chose.

  • Could be they never learned to parallel park and are worried that someone will see them trying and failing to align their fat ass SUV along the curb? But I think it is more likely just the same F U car attitude that is behind 1) throwing trash out of car window on the sidewalk, 2) leanng on horns at all hours instead of getting out and ringing a doorbell, 3) parking in the alley so no one can get by, 4) setting off car alarms with subwoofers, etc., etc.

  • Oh man…all four points drive me nuts, but number 2 and 3 drive me INSANE!!!! I think we should get these guys and the “taggers” together and make them kick each other in the junk for one straight week or until they pass out, whichever comes first.

  • While double parking like that sucks, it is not nearly as bad as the parking enforcement vehicles that seem to be parked illegally so often.

  • TheNeighbor

    I just don’t get that kind of crap……

  • I started seeing the doubleparking next to empty spaces a LOT this summer, not just in the residential neighborhoods, but downtown too. And by people with that look of entitlement!

  • Am I missing something? What’s wrong his parking job? Oh, right, he doesn’t have his “it’s okay to park illegally” flashers on. Always works for me!

  • on 11th Street in front of the bakery near wonderland, delevery trucks park in the bike lane every morning. Bike lanes are always being used for double parking.

    Please watch for cyclists

  • oh, here we go…i’ll watch for cyclists when they start watching for cars and following the rules of the road…you know, like stopping a red lights, signaling turns and lane changes, that sort of thing

  • Wait a minute. Because some cyclists don’t signal their turns and stop at red lights you’re going to run the rest of us down? Uh, thanks.

    You know what the worst thing about bike commuting is? Stopping at a four way stop where you signal with your hand which way you’re going and the three cars at the other stops have no signals and also believe that regardless of when you stopped they get to go before you, because you’re not a car.

  • Don’t bash all of the bicyclists. Keep in mind that you won’t have an issue with bicyclists double parked, polluting our air, speeding up 15th st, honking on horns, causing traffic delays, breaking down in the middle of the road, etc. They do play a vital role in this city and hopefully the city expands its ability to accomodate.

  • I didn’t say all the drivers were good either. In fact, this town is FULL of awful drivers, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen cyclists basically breaking every rule possible. It happens at least once a day.

    Anyway, it was probably wrong to throw you all under the bus. I’m just jaded.

  • I hear you Pauper. I ride my bicycle to and from work each day and I don’t stop at every light or stop sign. Most of them however. Being able to illegally cross intersections is one of the motivators to riding through the city. It can be faster than driving and you get a workout in. I do however use a great deal of caution and regard to other vehicles. When it is bicycle vs car, car wins any day of the week regardless of right and wrong. I have a story almost everyday about someone who didn’t see me and I had to avoid. It is much like riding a motorcycle, you are always riding as if no one sees you and always on the defensive.

  • It’s not just the no signaling, bike riders also seem to think they can ride on the sidewalks and run people over too. I have to say that bikes are WAY more annoying in this city than double-parkers. Bikes need to be banned on all sidewalks unless your pushing them.

  • I couldn’t agree more. Bicycles have no place being ridden on sidewalks. Making the streets more safe for bicycles would help this.(i.e. more bike lanes) Not everyone is willing to get passed within inches by metro buses going 35 mph just to pull over in front of you. I think there is a lot of contention between pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers, but when it comes down to it, it seems that what everyone wants is for everyone to be courteous, safe, and lawful.

  • Wow…speaking of awful drivers…metrobus drivers are the most dangerous people out there.

    Should I look before I pull out? Nah, everyone will move for me…I’m in a bus!!!!

  • Pull out? When have you seen a MetroBus driver pull in? I can’t begin to count the number of times the bus driver simply decides that rather than pulling over, he’s simply going to stop right in the middle of traffic and let his passengers on and off.

    BTW, this is turning into a pretty good gripe-fest. Keep ’em coming.

  • You anti-bike people are fucking unbelievable. As a cyclist who enjoys hopping on and off of sidewalks as much as the next guy, I’d be all for riding in a bike lane instead. Unfortunately, they don’t exist on most streets, and when they do, some asshole with an SUV is usually double-parked there anyway.

    Personally, I don’t see any reason that pedestrians and cyclists can’t peacefully coexist on a sidewalk, as long as everyone’s respectful. And please keep your laws off my bike.

  • before baseball returned (kinda) to washington, double parking was our official team sport….

  • Why is it so hard for cyclists to obey basic traffic rules? You want to be treated with the same rights and respect as motorists, then act like one! I don’t mind cyclists creeping thorugh a line of traffice, but stop and the light or stop sign and yield the right of way! I don’t want to hear any one complain the next time one gets T-boned and an intersection because he ran it. You choose to run with the big dogs, then you have to be able to stand the bit.

  • mad clamor: You’ve inspired me to bother The Bowser, the rest of the city council, every ANC, the deputy mayor in charge of being in charge, the mayor, random people on the street, The Post, The Moonie Times, Rep. Norton-Holmes, and the President about bikes on sidewalks.

    “It’s ‘sideWALK’, stupid.”

    Okay, so our movement needs a better slogan… and maybe a tragedy or two.

    To be serious for a moment, the reason you don’t see why bikes and pedestrians can’t get along is because you haven’t nearly been run over 500,000 times in Columbia Heights. It’s not any fun.

    Expensive tickets for all of you, I say!

  • p.s. i am 99% sure the driver is overweight, if not obese

  • oden: While you’re at it, could you put in a request for some more bike lanes? Thanks.

  • bike lanes are no use as long as the DC police allow people to park in the lanes.

  • See this all the time. Unnerving for sure, but just add it to the list of annoying traffic violations around here.

  • I’m all for bikes and think bikes should take precedence over cars any day of the week. But get off the damn sidewalk. Period. The sidewalk is for pedestrians. Because in this chain of transportation — pedestrians come before bicyclists. And if you want respect as a bicyclist — you are going to have to show respect for the sidewalk. Things are tough on the roads for cars too — should they just be able to hop on the sidewalk? If you want to be on the sidewalk — walk your damn bike you lazy idiots.

    Phew. Now that that is out of my system. I should go to bed. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  • my wife rides on the side walk on few sections of her comute. These sections are typically areas where she has been hit by a car.

  • In the absence of bike lanes, I prefer to have bike riders on the sidewalk. I hate getting stuck behind slow cyclists riding in the car lane, backing up traffic. When I do drive my car to work (rarely) I need to drive more than 5 MPH.

  • Also, like terrorists give Islam a bad name, bike messengers give bicycling a bad name. It’s very hard not to put an umbrella through their spokes when they whiz by you on the sidewalk all but crushing you to the ground. Kneecap them all, I say! And take their silly hats from them! 😉

  • I’ve been tempted to get a roll of these “VIOLATION” stickers and just slap them on windshields of cars like this in egregious violation of common sense.

  • DC law allows bicycles on the sidewalk except for ‘downtown’, which for this law is roughly defined as South of Mass Ave, East of 23rd [Rock Creek], West of 2nd St NE/SE, and North of Constitution.

  • dc2wheel brings up a good point. I didn’t think to bring up the actual “law.” One time, a cop at 13th and Irving told me to get my bike off the sidewalk, and I had to inform him that it is expressly legal north of Mass Ave. I now carry a piece of paper with the map boundaries on one side and the DC regulation on the other, to more easily fend off ignorant cops.

    And as mjbrox points out, there are real safety issues with riding on the street in many places. Pedestrians who whine about bikes on the sidewalk are, in my mind, more annoying than people who park in bike lanes.

  • Why do you feel you have the right to ride a children’s toy on a sidewalk and endanger peds? Talk about annoying. If the traffic is too bad for little ‘ol you on the street, THEN DON’T RIDE A TOY. Walk or ride the bus like a normal, considerate human instead of a selfish child.

  • Geez, oden. Are your posts funded by the petroleum lobby? Or maybe you were attacked by a gang of toddlers on bikes when you were little? Or perhaps you just never learned to ride a bike and seeing them all around you is just too much?

    Whatever the case, spouting off against environmentally responsible transportation choices isn’t helping anyone, and is certainly more “selfish” than whining against responsible behavior.

  • Running people over while they are trying to walk down the sidewalk isn’t “responsible”. Bikes are a nuisance on sidewalks, period. This is a city, not a playground — give up the toys.

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