How’d I Miss This?

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Metrocurean has the scoop on 1902 14th Street, catty corner from St. Ex on 14th and T. By the by where does the expression catty corner come from? Anyway, Metrocurean reports: “Plans include a seasonal American restaurant on one floor with chef Brian Murphy at the helm, and a sushi operation by Wasabi Sushi on the second floor.” Sounds good to me. More sushi for U Street…

Oops forgot to add that 14th and You heard the rumor too!

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  • A good explanation of the origins of kitty/catty/caddy corner: Basically, it all evolves from “catercorner”, “cater” meaning diagonal/ly.

  • My favorite story about this corner is how the owner of the former crappy liquor store on the corner (in the house with the towner) was very sore about being pushed out of the neighborhood and made a comment about how he was heading north to Petworth where people didn’t care. Which of course pissed off people in Petworth…it was just funny to see how deeply he shoved his foot in his mouth and how much bad press he created for himself. I hope he was not successful in moving, does anyone know?

  • uh, of course meant “house with the tower”

  • He’s probably been to the liquor store on Georgia south of Temp. Hall and thinks PW will put up with anything. The people running that place are the biggest load of cheating jerks I have ever seen. Besides having a terrible selection and corner store prices, the last time I stupidly went in there the clerk very obviously cheated me on my change and then suddenly couldn’t speak any english. After I gave up, he magically could speak english again when he accused the fella after me of stealing some of his precious orange juice. It’s no wonder they need 2 inch thick plexiglass.

  • Been very interesting watching the renovations of this place. The facade, for a time, looked as if it was ready to collapse into the pit that had been dug behind it. At any rate, I’m glad to see that they’re making an effort to keep the historic facade whil improving the building.

    BTW, the second part of the rumor has the entire block of 14th between T and U (presumably including Wallach St. as well) being redeveloped. I find that more difficult to believe…

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