How to Properly Deal With Paparazzi

This is the funniest thing I’ve read in a while so I thought I’d share it.  It is a quote from a New Yorker piece on British comedian Steve Coogan.

“In 2002, Coogan hosted “a bevy of lap dancers,” when tabloid newshounds confronted him.  “I was under the impression that they were Latvian refugees who needed shelter for the night.”

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  • I love Steve Coogan. The man is a genius. While “The Office” (UK) and Ali G both became popular in the US, the best comedy in years to come out of the UK sadly flew under the radar here.

    In “Alan Partridge,” Coogan plays a spectacularly bad, crude and unloveable TV/radio host. A man with no taste, style or charisma whatsoever.

    If one quotation could sum up my student years, it would be “no way, ya big spastic, you’re a mentalist!”

    Nowt to do with Petworth, but if you are looking for some seriously offbeat comedy, check out “Alan Partidge” and enjoy.

  • A Ha! Knowing me, Knowing you Alan Partridge.

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