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IMG_5922, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This house has the most unusual sun room I have ever seen. Or is that called a solarium? I marvel at it every time I pass it. Nice stained glass above as well.  Below is a close up.

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  • i know you don’t like to give out addresses, but ARRRRGGGGHHHH! it would be nice to know where this is without wandering around looking for it!

  • It’s quite something. I’ve been thinking about painting the front brick on our unpainted house. There are about 5 houses on our street that have been painted so far, but none adjacent to ours. It seems to look much better when you can coordinate with your neighbors and agree to paint a group of them at the same time. It’s interesting that both houses on either side of this one have opted for “Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup grey” as their palette choice. Or maybe the owner of the middle one secretly had the other two painted to make his/her’s pop more?

  • that is a ridiculous room. jealous.

  • used to live in the grey building to the right… that place was a much-less-impressive midnight blue until this past summer… if anyone wants to know where this is, shoot me an email and i’d be happy to share…

  • hmm.. thought it was gonna do that cool craigslist thing and give me an anonymous clickable email address.. oh well.. matt(dot)j(dot)stevens(AT)gmail(dot)com

  • atrocious

  • Is it a solarium or a menagerie? Look at the animals! Poor things.

  • That thing is just as ugly (if not as large or gratuitous) as the third-story additions featured here.

  • tacky tacky tacky. who ever bough this place should take their inheritance and move back to kansas.

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