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  • That’s a great house. But the remodeled house next too it is a travesty. We lived not to far from here in 2004 and at the time I couldn’t believe what they were doing to the house next door.

    But I think this is an opportunity to also look at the top floor of this house. I was thinking today that part of the problem with the “pop up” additions that are being done around here (not that this is one at all, but that too often there is a bad attempt to connect the pop up with the lower floors — either extending the window lines or extending the brick up to the new floor. What really should happen is that there be a separation. That the new floor balance the other two but not try to copy it. Here we have a house where the design emphasis is on the two floors, with a thick cornice at the top of the second floor. The third floor has three windows and they aren’t at all related to what is below. That de-emphasizes the upper floor. And makes the structure look shorter.

    Just a thought on design.

  • That is interesting, Inaudible. I’m a pretty big philistine about design if asked to articulate WHY something doesn’t work. (I can tell there is something wrong with McMansions, as an example, but it wasn’t until I read an article that actually outlined very specifically how they are architecturally incorrect – and the history of how they ended up looking like that – was I able to put words to visual distaste.)

    I’ll watch for this next time I’m out.

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