Do You Think You Still Have to Feed These Meters?

Broken Meters, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Based on my experiences with DC parking enforcement, hell yes you better feed these.

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  • maybe they’re just sleepy

  • TheNeighbor

    I’m with you PoP.
    You know you’d have a ticket on your windshield if you didn’t.

  • We can’t get the MPD to stop shootings in broad daylight, but we can get parking enforcement to swoop down from the sky and issue a parking violation at any time. Go DC!

  • W4Resident – MPD doesn’t do parking enforcement. That’s DDOT.

  • Oddly enough, even if those meters were taken away, you would still get a ticket for parking there for more than the maximum metered time would have been. This I know from parking at a “headless” meter on Capitol Hill. I wasn’t gone 30 minutes and got a ticket.

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