Columbia Heights Vs. Petworth Metro Decor

IMG_5871, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Which do you prefer Columbia Heights’ sweet stained glass or Petworth’s new leaf sculpture?

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  • Stained glass wins.

  • tough call–too bad you can’t have both stained glass and the sculpture. I think I vote for the sculpture.

    Any idea why these two metro stations don’t have the fancy stainless steel and glass canopies that adorn a lot of other area metro stations (see, e.g., U Street, Shaw, Dupont)?

  • Shaw Rez-
    These canopies were probably built when the stations were completed, around 1999. Older stations, like Shaw, U St, etc., were completed around 1991. This was before Metro realized they needed to cover their escalators from (gasp!) rain, snow, and other inclimate weather. So the older stations are now being retrofitted with the new age steel get-ups.

  • interesting–thanks for the insight, LC.

    I like the new age steel get-ups better than the 1999 look–the new ones are much more distinctive (and, I’ve no doubt, expensive) and post-card worthy.

  • Sculpture. Stained class is tacky.

  • TheNeighbor

    Sculpture = tagging canvas….it’s just a matter of time.
    I like both entrances, they are way nicer than they used to be even with out the extra touchs.

  • The first noise that came out of my mouth when i saw that sculpture was “ugh.” visceral response indeed.

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