Colorado Kitchen’s Gillian Clark to Speak About Her New Book

Thanks to a reader for alerting me to this event.  She will be speaking about her new book, Out of the Frying Pan, tomorrow night from 6-8pm at the Culture Shop located at 341 Cedar Street, NW.

From the press release: “Plenty of good conversation and delicious food to sample. The community’s own, Gillian Clark, looks forward to sharing her passion with you. Her book is available for purchase at the Culture Shop’s online bookstore.”

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  • Wish I could go, but I have class then. I hate missing something where free food’s involved.

    Culture Shop’s a nice place…not too far from Takoma Metro.

  • I happened to stop in and catch this…WHAT FUN. Actually snagged a piece of that amazing fried chicken she makes. It really is the best I’ve ever had. Someone brought a young kid that was kind of fussy. But Gillian read on and I got her to sign my book. Where else in DC do we have these great things…actual reading AND tasting (other than costco). Hope she does this again.

  • I’ve got two words for you: MONTE CRISTO. Had this lobster monte cristo…I could have had two. Awesome. I haven’t had a monte in years…and then here is one made with lobster. Can you dig it?

  • B of S…is the Napoleon still on the menu. did you see it. She makes this napoleon out of puff pastry, Ham and gruyere. I saw it when they were on the Food Network. Order that next time you’re there. It goes great with the cherry lager.

  • I saw that show too. They did the Napoleon. I went and they didn’t have it. Is it back on the menu?

  • Yes…cakes…i was in Thursday and had it

  • No matter…I had a burger…it was fabulous

  • You’re in luck. Burger and fried chicken night is this tuesday…the second tuesday of every month. Their Fried Chx is the best I’ve ever had.

  • Oh my god I wish I could go. I made it a point to go to Colorado Kitchen at least once a week. One season they had this shrimp and scallop au gratin and it was to die for. I can’t wait until that comes back on.

  • I really love the chicken. The first time I had it, I didn’t believe it was white meat because it was so moist. Most of the time, white meat is dry and flaky, but that stuff Clark has is awesome.

  • The Beer…folks the Beer….I had Lakefront Brewery’s Cherry Lager in the summer and then the pumpkin ale this fall…where do they get this stuff. Whoever stocks the beer konws what they are doing. If you’ve seen my belly you know I love the stuff.

  • The burger and fried chicken nights are going to be first Tuesday of every month. So you can miss this one and have to wait until December.

  • Tszu have you read the book?

  • ’bout halfway through. It’s a fast read. I’m skipping over the recipes for now. I’ll go back and try a few of them when I’m done.

  • I googled the title and found this link. Cool…I’m not from DC. But know Gillian’s cooking well. Ordered the book online just now. I will report back in a couple of days. Fried Chicken recipe is in there I hear.

  • Bed Sheet Pasta: Read the recipe for this herb filled pasta and was like…cool. I’ve got to get a pasta cranker and try this. Then guess what Jamie Oliver is making on the Today show this morning? Same pasta–Creepy.

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