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This trash can is filled with bags of leaves. We have so few garbage cans as it is, do you really have to fill them with bags of leaves? Really? The city will pick up the leaves if you leave them at your curb. C’mon! You’re better than that. Hell, why do people fill these trashcans near bus stops with bags of their own garbage. Don’t they have garbage cans? Explain this to me. Please.

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  • I honestly think this is some sort of urban legend about how trash removal works. Perhaps its from a time in DC when trash collection was less reliable. We have trash can near a bus stop at Decatur and New Hampshire that seems to be the defacto place for large trash dumping. I’ve seen people make successive trips with mattresses and couches up Decatur to that location. I always give them quizzical looks. Apparently they don’t know you can call 311 and have them pick up that kind of stuff. Perhaps there should be little signs on each can: “Not for household waste, call 311 if you have household waste for disposal.”

  • Or “Hey big dummy, don’t put your trash here!”

  • The city will pick them up from your curb, but here’s the bonus: You don’t even have to bag them! They actually prefer you don’t, because it’s easier for them to deal with using their vacuum trucks.

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