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What is going to go in right next to the Wendy’s on Georgia Ave.? It certainly looks like a prime location…

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  • I live right behind there. That place used to sell carpet. It’s supposed to be this:

    …but who knows? I wish that Wendy’s would go away, though. No offense to the Frosty lovers, but there’s too much littering from stupid-ass people who go there, and the dumpster is a rat haven.

  • Info from their website:

    That’s got to be the worst Wendy’s ever. Got burgers there once (blame it on a hangover) and they were disgusting.

  • worst wendy’s ever is on k st. downtown, really bad and more expensive. bad combo…

    this wendy’s while its not so good can have good days.

  • I’m not saying that fast food is ever actually “good”, well except when you’re really drunk and you don’t care what you eat, but I’ve always found all city fast food joints to suck. Not sure what it is, but they’ve always disappointed more than those outside of cities.

    And a really awful Wendy’s used to be across the street from the Hoover building on E St. The air inside was terrible…it was like a stiffling smog that smelled like chicken grease.

  • I don’t know what this place is supposed to be, but the many empty fenced off lots on GA Ave., this one included, are such an eyesore. I have lived here for almost 4 years and the lot has been vacant as long as I can remember.

  • this place used to be top value stamp redemption center. the pizza hut used to be kentucky fried chicken…. and (clearly) i used to be young….. ha!

  • “Care to speculate” on when they’ll get started? I’ve given up hope. Agree with Maggie, it’s been this way since before I moved here 4 years ago. Reuben, do you know how long it’s been….nothing?

  • Top Value Stamp Redemption? My mother used to save those, way back in the day and I’ll say no more, or I’ll give away my age. Yes, it’s an eye-sore. Wendy’s chili is not bad, BTW.

  • j of the jtl — If you’re talking about the Wendy’s on K between Connecticut and 18th, they actually closed it down a few months back. Not sure why, as they did pretty hopping business, but that probably means I don’t want to know.

  • dont know how long its been nothing… sorry-anonymous…pop-maybe a semi-humorous “didnt this used to be?” petworth tour should be done…. (smile)

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