Beveragemania Open and It’s Got Lots of Beverages

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Beveragemania located on Upshur St. a few doors down from Domku is now open. They have ice cream, espresso drinks, floats, hot chocolates, hot teas, and more. For the moment they are open between 7am and 11pm but ultimately they will be open 24/7 with an order out window between 11pm and 6am. Let me know your thoughts. Inside photos after the jump.

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  • Finally…..a place in my hood where I can grab some icecream!

  • Hmmmmmmm, sounds like an interesting concept. I’ll check it out, but from the pics it looks like they’ve got a lot of work to do on improving its curb appeal.

  • Err.. which with the horrid grey.. hmm.. curtains/paint on the windows???? I hope just a temporary thing.

  • totally going to try this out!

  • When I walked past the place the other evening, I thought it looked much nicer than the photos show. And the windows aren’t grey — they’re frosted glass but just didn’t photograph perfectly. The place is actually pretty cute if you stop by. I think it’s a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

  • Will they put bourbon in your milk shake?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I have some more photos of the inside that look really nice. I’ll try and update this posting with those photos tonight. The people I spoke with were also super nice.

  • PoP: Didja give them a haranguing for the temporary sign?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    They were too nice for any haranguing. Although I do like that word…

  • Does anybody know if El Limeno closed? I heard that the sign is gone and it looks dark. I don’t want to be alarmist but I was just curious!

  • I walked by El Limeno Sunday afternoon, the sign was still up then.

    I think it may look dark because they turn the lights out when they’re not open.

  • The colors inside the place are awesome. It looks great. I wish I lived just a little closer to it. But I’ll have to go down there.

  • Last night at 9 the OPEN sign was off at El Limeno and I could swear their sign was gone. I hope I’m wrong.

  • Frosted or gray, why on earth would they want to block the view to the innards of the store and sun light from getting in?

  • El Limeno was OPEN last night and there appeared to be plenty of people there… and whoever that was coming out of 2nd street without yielding to make a left on Upshur (to then cut me off), you are a royal jackass unfit for the road. If I still had my F-250 I would have rammed your fugly Lexus.

  • I’ve been here and it’s GREAT. The people who are starting it are so nice and excited about their business.

    My girlfriend and I ordered strawberry cheesecake and butter pecan ice cream cones and it was so affordable that I had to ask if I was paying for 2 or 1!

    Very ambitious for them to stay open 24 hours, but if they can pull it off, that would be awesome. Where is the order-out window?

    I wonder what the demand for those goods are between 2 and 5 am? Maybe for those stumbling home drunk from wonderland with a craving for… cookie dough ice cream and a cappuccino? 🙂

  • We stopped in a couple days ago and got a good coffee and a hot chocolate. Tasty drinks and friendly service!

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