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  • is this the 500 block of Taylor St NW? love the trees on Taylor St 🙂

  • That is a beautiful shot. So often around here, the trees go from green to dead without a real transition. This is beautiful to see in the midst of the city.

  • I was told that tree-haters circulated a petition to have the trees removed from our block. Rumor has it that if everyone signs, the trees will be removed.

  • Bogfrog-

    I hope I’m just missing the sarcasm here. Is there really a petition going around to cut down our trees?

  • Last I heard DC is trying to plant as many trees as possible since there was about a 20 year period when planting fell behind. There is a city policy that allows for the removal of Ginko trees because of the mess they make, but neighbors have to agree for it to happen.

    I doubt seriously any trees on your block are going to be taken out unless they pose a hazard, are Ginkos, or are sick. Also, you have to get a special permit to take down a healthy tree and you have to pay $35 per inch to do it (not including the cost to take the trees down by a certified arborist). So unless your neighbors have thousands of bucks they want to spend on tree demolition they aren’t going anywhere.

    Here’s the DC tree website: http://trees.ddot.dc.gov/ufa/site/default.asp

  • Hey, that’s my block (yep, 500 block of Taylor). Nice shot, PoP. I’ve also got a little oak in my backyard that turned intense red last week. Interesting thing about that tree, when we moved in in 2003, I was wishing I had a tree to shield the view down the alley. And voila – it somehow popped up in the perfect spot. Squirrels must have read my mind. Plus it performs its civic duty, without complaint, as a afternoon shademaker for my neighbors’ backyard.

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