Another Awesome City Mini Church

IMG_5753, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This one is at Otis and Holmead. I dig how it is stuck right in the middle of a residential block.

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  • So is this some scam to avoid property taxes or something, or all these “holy (****) houses” legit?

  • yeah, I think this is the worst.

    Religious institutions can set up shop in a residential zone–smack dab in the middle of row homes–without needing a zoning variance or anything. As they’re not taxed, there’s a good chance they’ll be there for the long haul. I’ve found a lot of these smaller congregations to be among the most intollerant also (not to mention loud!).

  • They are not taxed???? Those voodoo shops (and that includes all churches, not just these little guys) should be taxed to death, as far as I am concerned…

  • The city paper ran a great story a while back about people who converted their houses into fake churches, never held religious meetings or sermons of any kind and didn’t pay taxes. This is not a small problem at all, a friend a few years ago pointed out about 12 such “churches” on 11th st and around Howard. These are NOT real churches and their avoidance of paying taxes is a scam.

    How people can grow up in a country where the taxing of churches has been illegal for 200 years and not know this is an embarassment to our educational system.

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