Who Lives Here, The Pope?

IMG_4417, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Now I’m all for security but its got to be pretty rough to get a camera installed…

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  • There aren’t even any marble columns to protect.

  • PoP, might be a good idea to blur out at least the address number on such posts…
    otherwise, the neighbors might star calling the poor people who leave there the Popes.. 🙂

    Anyway, it could be just a geeky teenager, or needed to monitor a disoriented elderly, or reaction to a bad experience in the past.. who knows.

    Or, it could indeed be the pooper’s.. ups, pope’s summer recidence when he is running incognito..

  • It’s there to snap pictures for the police of strange looking Yankees fans who wander around with their cameras bothering helpless citizens.

  • I have a camera by my front door too… but it’s a lot more discreet than the one in the photo. It broadcasts an image to my tv so that I can see who is at the door without going out to the vestibule – (we live in a rowhouse converted to two units).

  • Considering there has been a string of odd doorstep encounters in the past year (remember the posts from people who had nefarious characters banging on their doors for long periods of time at really late hours?) its not too surprising
    Its a little much for me, but to each there own………..

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