Wait A Second, People Get Their Trash Picked Up Twice A Week?

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This is also from the U St. neighborhood. Damn in Petworth we only get trash pick up on Friday. What’s up with that?

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  • when i lived on u street, we had trash picked up twice a week because we had smaller garbage cans (nowhere to really keep them). now that i’m over in bloomingdale, we have trash pickup once a week, and much much larger bins to keep our trash in.

  • Lamont off Georgia we get trash and recycling on Tuesday, and then just trash again on Friday. Everyone else does not?

  • We get it twice a week in Columbia Heights. Sorry PoP. 🙁

  • My biggest problem is remembering to put out the trash on Thursday since they come at the crack of dawn.

  • They do come at the crack of dawn! The sound of the truck always wakes me up around 4AM! AARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!

  • when i lived in petworth, it was once a week with large trashcans in the alley. now i’m allll the way over in columbia heights, where the alleys are too narrow for garbage trucks, so everyone has tiny trash cans that they have to keep out front. hence the twice a week pickup. (but recycling is only once)

  • Those areas that are more dense have twice a week trash pick up. But honestly, I think it’s a boondoggle. Probably pushed through by the trash haulers union or something. There is no reason to have twice a week pick up. It’s a relic from the way long ago past that every city has basically gotten rid of but DC. I think it also discourages recycling and reusing. DC has huge trash cans by the standards of cities that have a high recycling rate — go to SF where the garden clippings/kitchen waste, recycling and trash bins are all exactly the same size and are picked up once a week. The Bay Area has a recycling rate of nearly almost 90% (the East Bay is actually higher than San Francisco). And cities like SF have composting programs that are at the forefront of what should be done. We are barely making 50% recycling rate and still at that have huge trash bins, no composting and twice a week trash collection — we need to enforce better stewardship of our planet. Reduce, reuse, recycle.

  • As another commented noted, the trashcans in many parts of Columbia Heights are quite small, making twice a week pickup necessary.

    Re DC1974’s rumination that “the trash haulers union” is responsible for increased services, I say to them, We salute you!

  • Our garbage is picked up tuesday and friday, but I live in a condo building so we have a separate trash company take care of trash and recycling. I will say, we actually need it. The dumpster seems to be relatively full on Monday and Thursday nights.

  • pauper: do you live in one of those buildings that chains their dumpster closed? i always felt sorry for residents that had to juggle their trash and keys to padlocks in the middle of the night.

  • luckily no. our dumpster and recycling bins are in a fenced in area. just have to pull up a latch to get into the area. the bad thing about that is that many of our neighbors like to throw their garbage and what not into the area, which sucks because we pay extra for refuse that isn’t placed in the dupster or the bins.

  • With all the little critters I’ve seen in my alley, I wish we could have trash pick up more than twice a week.

  • I believe the number of pickups is determined by the size of the cans, and the size of the cans is determined by the size of the alleys. Small alley = small truck = small can = twice-weekly pickups:

    “Approximately 75 percent of District households receiving DPW service have once-a-week trash collection. These residences have been provided with 96-gallon Supercans. Homes in the center or oldest parts of the city, where streets and alleys are very narrow, receive twice-weekly trash collection. Those households use smaller, city-issued waste containers. ”

    But don’t get me started on the recycling.

  • Pauper, what company handles trash at your condo? Do they do a good enough job? My condo’s trash company says they do recycling, but they basically just throw everything in the same truck. It’s driving me nuts, so I’m trying to look for other options to present to the condo board. Like, oh, a hauler that REALLY recycles. Especially since if we don’t recycle, we’re actually breaking the law.

  • Christina, funny you say that because I’ve just heard some rumblings that our trash company is doing the same thing. I’m not sure if this is true, but the fact that the same thing is happening to you makes me think it is. I’ll ask my board and repost here or on the forum. Or I’ll tell you tonight if I meet you.

  • What would be well thought out is if the same day or right after they picked up the trash out front if they had that coincide with the street cleaning. Its always such a mess left on the street after the pickup which is the bad part of having the trash collected out front.

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