This Third Story Addition Looks Pretty Good

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I kind of like this one.

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  • Better than most, but I’ve seen better. There are a couple of nice ones on the smaller side streets North of Tivoli, East side of 14th..

  • aw, darn, i was going to post about the realtor/mustache sign, but you took it down.

    was going to say the mustache was funny, but the blacked out tooth was comic GOLD!

  • PoP, this is the one I told you about. As far as the third story additions go, this one is ok. Least of most evils, I guess.

  • Still, would it be that much harder / more expensive to add a matching brick facing?

  • I disagree–it’s like they didn’t even try to blend with the original from the materials to the shape of the window.

  • ugh–I hate it.

    If I were hell bent on adding a 3rd story to this place, I’d probably go for a gable end w/matching brick.

  • I’m with the haters on this one. The lone hotel-looking window and the vast expanse of stucco or whatever it is looks not very good.

    There’s a new pop-up being erected on the corner of Park and Sherman, but last I saw it was still at the plywood walls stage. It’s a corner house so it should be interesting/extra hideous/possibly beautiful but I have yet to see one that looks beautiful.

  • This addition shows no regard for neighborhing houses, the streetscape or the architecture of the original house. The loss of the mansard roof, the disruption in window massing, the arched window, the stucco – basically this one fails in plan, scale, massing, and material.

  • Houses with a mansard roof have it easy. Raise the roof — pretty simple! I agree with emikael on this one. Many people have turned those false 3rd story facades into real 3rd story spaces by keeping the original front windows and raising the roof. Typically — is this right? — you can diverge in the rear of the house and have any style of addition. There could be a whole new topic for “rear additions” of the week — I think it would be a lot harder to find a nice one. Or what about “roof-top decks” of the week?

  • Emikael and bogfrog have it exactly right. Maybe the preserved mansard pop up hasn’t caught on because it is so inconspicuous. But everyone sees the glaring buttugly vinyl clad box top and developers think, oh, thats how its done around here.

  • Saving the roofline costs $$$ and contractors are all about saving a buck, that’s why so many of these renos look cheap.

  • There is one pretty nice one on Otis Place and 14th (East Side), and another one next to it which is not bad either. And there is construction going on for another one on Newton and 14th (again East side), which looks much better than the average job too. I know, none of these are in Petworth, but have a look if you pass by.

  • AWFUL! I hate that house. I wish to god I could afford one of these lovely rowhouses so I could appreciate it for what it and not create hideous add-ons.

  • I am not so crazy about this, but I wouldn’t call it totally awful. I can’t wait to see the completion of the one next to my house on NH right near GA. They are preserving the bay/turret type thing (sorry not an architect-maybe don’t even know how to spell it). I really think with that there, the third story will meld right in. Plus it is not a block where there is uniformity to any of the houses anyway. Double plus, I know they are doing it to stay put and accomodate their whole family (5 kids), it is not some flipper deal.

  • I think it’s awful from the outside. A missed opportunity, to be sure. That’s such a beautiful block, too. The house does look nice on the inside, though. If you walk by at night, you can see. But yeah, that third floor could have been done better. It reminds me of that thing at New Hampshire and Upshur, I think. But that was a different conversation…

  • The third story addition is my neighbor’s house. They have put in a lot of work on the house recently, including the new stones on the patio. There is also a balcony off the third story over the backyard which you can see from the alley that is quite lovely.

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