There Should Be A Special Place In Hell…

IMG_5699, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

For those who put graffiti on trees. I know there are many worse things in this world but I just find this particularly offensive. I also like saying the word particularly but that is neither here nor there.

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  • This is the same taggers and message in memory of Edwin Ventura who was fatally shot this summer on the corner of Sherman and Columbia. Where did you take this picture Pop?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    It is on 11th St. but I forget the cross St. definitely south of Kenyon not too far.

  • Well, the good news is the paint will eventually wear off the tree much faster than a building, which is what they have been doing to the empty apartment building at 2922 Sherman.

  • You can powerwash a structure but we’ll all be looking at this defaced tree for months and months to come. Of course, grafitti in any form is lamentable, but I’d rather it stay on buildings than on the natural environment.

  • As much as I hate graffiti, I have to admonish the taggers in this city for being so uncreative, sloppy, and > boring. Maybe we can use this as evidence in our favor to gain funding for inner-city arts programs.

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