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Anyone been to the Rib Pit on upper 14th St. I’m encouraged by all the wood in the window…

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  • It’s really really good – mains better than sides.

  • Their ribs are amazing, both the pork and beef ones. The meat literally falls of the bones. And pretty cheap too. You should definitely try it. The only thing I wish they would be able to do is to get rid of that bullet proof devider…

  • Second what saf and GforGood said. And I’ll add that the sides are amazing as well. That’s some good mac’n’cheese.

  • Do they deliver? I’m all about delivery…

  • it looks very authentic to me, but i have never been….

  • Fried fish but no catfish? WHA?!?

  • Invisible sun, how can a rib place be “authentic”? What’s that supposed to mean?

  • I am from NC and we are pretty obsessed about BBQ…their BBQ is fairly close to the real deal – good but not the best. By “real deal” for NC BBQ this means pulled pork and no tomato sauce – only vinegar & hot peppers, and served with cole slaw (also made with no mayo). I have to say though that the best NC BBQ I’ve had in my life was not in NC but cooked by a neighbor in Petworth (lots of Carolinians here)! Unfortunately, he’s not selling…

  • We live across the street from this place, and if you want some sloppy delicious ribs or pulled pork, go for it. The best deal is the two sandwich meals. Good sweet tea, the sides are skipable (but the mac and cheese is greasy and perfect). I love the smell of the burning wood on cold mornings. I don’t think they deliver.

    What I want to know is what’s up with the mysteriously closed “rib pit lounge” next door!

  • I’ll have to check this place out. I dont eat pork, but sounds like there’s more than enough to satisfy!
    Thanks, Petworth crew!

  • Hmm… will have to check this place out. And don’t buy Susan’s no tomato heresy above, she’s obviously one of the heathens from down east. Though I’ll give her points for the correct definition of BBQ.

  • I actually like mine with the BBQ sauce on the side, or, often, in the trash.. just a bit of extra salt and pepper on the beef ribs.. yummy! I guess that’s heresy as well. 🙂

  • Yeah, in NC it’s rarely called BBQ sauce….we say dip. Or at least when you’re eating Lexington style BBQ, I can’t really speak for the “heathens” down east.

  • It’s funny to see people from parts of NC call each other heathens. If y’all could just join forces then you could have running water AND electricity… soon y’all would be competing with South Carolina in developing shoes. 🙂

    And BBQ ribs? For an appetizer. BBQ is BRISKET. Lil’ Gal in on my tail to buy a smoker so’s we (she) can make real BBQ.

  • Shut up, Texas.
    As a piedmont native I second susan and lazy cake on the Lexington way. I look forward to trying Rib Pit one of these days, but won’t go expecting the best I’ve ever had.

  • I want to know about the pit lounge too. but it’s been closed for quite a few years.

  • Oden, I was under the impression that “real” Texans dig their own BBQ pits to cook the brisket overnight. You aren’t all hat and no cattle, are you?

    And have you had the pleasure of meeting any eastern N Carolinians? They’re not too far removed from the breed known as west Texans.

  • Be careful Lazy, Lil’ Gal’s family is from out there and she is M-E-A-N. Lucky for us she hasn’t been checking up on the blog lately since she’s busy. As far as diggin’ holes, I’m not talkin’ about a luau, and I’m sure you’d need a special permit to dig a hole in DC.

  • The only animal tasty enough to be called BBQ is the magical pig. Cow is never involved in BBQ. As for the dip it should involve vinegar, peppers, some tomato paste and secret herbs and spices for flavoring. It should have the viscosity of vinegar. Also, BBQ slaw is a must. If only Harris Teeter’s BBQ slaw was worth a damn…

  • I ate some ribs and some pulled pork from this place, along with a few sides.

    It was ALL “meh” at best….won’t be going back…

  • EmoEmu – I believe my 14-hour smoked brisket would change your mind. If not, I’ve got plenty of swine and Carolina pepper slaw to wash the taste out.

  • think of the scratched plexiglass as a kind of grittier graumann’s chinese theater…
    with names like peaches and ray-ray instead of, say, douglas fairbanks
    or loretta young.

  • Monkey: Your a fan of the Rocky Mountin’ Smoker I see… I am torn between handing over my hard earned pesos to WeberCorp or making one out of a garbage can like I once saw in Pop’lar Mechanics. Either way I have to get one soon for Lil’ Gal. I suspect I’ll be beaten less if I go ahead and buy the Rocky Mountin’ rather than try and build something. But HEY, it also looks like you got some sort of aftermarket temperature sensing domahitcher on the top bowls of them there smokers… tell me more…

  • I mean YOU’RE a fan…

  • Ruben: There’s some interesting scribbles in the sidewalk cement at the corner store near me, something about “C-Note” “ruling it all”. Not sure if that means the bus stop or not. My guess is that C-Note is now getting yelled at by Mrs. C-Note while he tries to watch the game on TV after a hard day at work. Thus ends most plans to “rule it all”.

  • Oden – It’s a $7 candy thermometer from Frager’s Hardware. Can’t recommend them, or the smoker, too highly. A warning though: once you’ve smoked your own bbq, there’s NO going back. You find yourself staring at squirrels, dogs, and pidgeons in the park and thinking, “I wonder what that’d be like with some hickory, a pepper/cayenne rub, and a vinegar mop sauce?”

  • I know frequent readers will find this hard to believe, but I can sometimes be just slightly contrary, and that part of me whot’s contrary wants to make a smoker out of an abandoned 55 gallon methylene chloride drum, old-timey trash can, or spiral metal culvert pipe rather than do the easy and smart thing.

    But, OTOH, I haven’t ever heard anything negative about the Weber. I’ll think I’ll cut my losses, avoid a deferred beating, and buy the dern thing.

  • Oden, if I recall correctly, Alton Brown in one of his “Good Eats” come up with some arrangement using big clay pots and an electric heat plate.. or something like that. You should check it out too.

    Guinnesphish, what’s your favorite rib joint?

  • G: Year there are variations of using the hot plate and pots, drums, trash cans, etc. The problem I run into there is the stare I get when I suggested such things to the boss. Plus, I don’t know where I’d find a flippin’ hot plate other then on the interwebs… or I could steal PoP’s hotplate from his kitchen.

  • Well, the taste test is complete and unfortunately the results are dissapointing.

    We were feeling pretty good when we walked in the place, there were stacks of hickory piled up near the door and the place had a nice smoky smell to the air. We ordered a range of foods so that we could give a full report on the joint’s offerings.

    I would give this rib joint a C-, edible but not worth the time or money. The pork ribs were tender but really fatty. The sauce was just ok, and the sides ranged from not edible due really overpowering and unidentifiable spices (the sweet potatoes) to the oposide end of the spectrum = totally bland (the mac and cheese and the potato salad). The baked beans and the sliced wheat bread (store loaf, not homemade) were probably the best tasting of all the side dishes we tried. The beef ribs can be summed up by that old Wendy’s riff, “where’s the beef?) The pulled pork sandwiches scored the best among the meat dishes. They were definitely not bad, but not worth writing home about.

  • I’ve been in DC on-and-off for 39 years and I can honestly say that the best DC ‘cue doesn’t compare to even the most mundane bbq roadside joints in Carolina/Texas/Memphis/KC. DC bbq is mostly boiled ribs slathered in sickly sweet sauce. Most bbq joints don’t even use smokers; it’s the pizza problem writ with meat. If you can handle a Weber kettle, you can handle a smoker. Just get a rig and some smoking wood, some recipes, and screw around. It aint’ rocket science.

    As for pulled pork, Levi’s Port Cafe on 8th Street SE is about as close as you’re gonna get to Carolina Q. But you’re really better off going with the smothered porkchops, collards, and mac and cheese, which puts Ooohs and Aaahs to shame.

  • Carolina Brothers in Ashburn is the best (Eastern) NC-style barbecue I’ve found in these parts. They actually don’t drown it in some kind of red sauce.

  • I love my weber bullet, but that Kamado looks awesome. Is it worth the price monkey?

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