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  • Some of those drivers have incredible skills…at least when they’re not trying to run over you on the highway…

  • I spent two summers riding in (not driving) 18 wheelers up and down the East coast. You might be surprised at how long it takes to learn to drive a truck and the level of skill and close attention it requires. There’s a reason you can actually make over $100,000 a year driving a truck.

  • Lazy: were you ever busted flat in Baton Rouge waiting for a train?

  • Nah, never made it that far west…..the only time we ever had a blow out was near Darlington, SC. That was quite the afternoon, certainly not a yesterday that I’d trade for a single tomorrow.

  • You can also make over 6 figures working as a bartender.

  • Yanni makes six figures.

  • Bogfrog, really???? No wonder drinks are so damned expensive + you need to tip that dude that pays no attention you on top. 🙂

  • I give truckers mad props. I once saw an 18-wheeler make a U-turn at 14th and New York Ave. downtown and then parrallel park in one smoothe balletic move at the CVS there. I was at the bus stop and there’s, probably, still a dent in the pavement where my jaw dropped. Awesome!

    RE: Oden to Lazy
    These kids today, sheesh! Totally missed the Kristofferson reference…LOL

  • Guy Mondo: Par for the course for those of us that woke up this morning with no way to hold our head that didn’t hurt, and had a beer for breakfast that wasn’t bad, so had one more for dessert.

  • G / Good:
    Yes, a bartender at the FP Arlington told me how he earns 2 grand a week.

  • Wow, two G’s/week sounds really high….but I guess it’s possible. After 13 Miller Lites and dollar jello shooters, even I sometimes forget how much I’m tipping.

    I know some of the bartender’s at Dr Dremo’s in Arlington….on a crazy weekend night, its not unheard of for each bartender to walk out with between $450-500. Do strippers even make that much?

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