Prison Door Condo Update

IMG_4392, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

These condos on 13th St. have been through a lot. It appears they are back on the auction block…

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  • Hey PoP, FYI…the prison doors are a high strength security door. A lot of my clients use them during gutting and initial renovation. It would take a TON of force to get one open.

  • So you’re saying they’ll change the doors once the place is actually sold? I’m guessing no. Here’s a place where i’d like some more form than function

    So does anyone know why these places haven’t sold? Priced poorly? I just don’t get it. They are in a great location right between U St and Columbia Heights. Best of both worlds. And you’re close enough that if Gilbert Arenas is at Carodozo High, you can get down there quickly to see him!

  • I like that they’re “brand new”. they’re either brand new or they’re not. “brand new”. please.

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