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  • Congrats! Finally, an explanation for the name (which I’ve asked about a few times)! 🙂

  • Famouser and famouser all the time.

  • Great article…straight up ignorance in the comments though.

  • It’s me Sveiks. I admit that I can’t stand PoP and his devotion to doorways and gay attire. It makes me hate all you honkies even more. PoP is making all you palefaces look bad too — even worse than 400 years of slavery, dog parks, segregation, the assassination of Dr. King AND Malcolm X, country music, gentrification, and police brutality.

    I didn’t realize what a force for evil PoP was until now… and if I see another photo of a doorway I might have to kill somebody!!

  • Oden is an idiot POP, we love you.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I think he was kidding but thank you.

  • I may be an idiot, but at least I don’t like the Village People and messenger bags like PoP does! I especially hate sarcasm as it is a tool of the establishment meant to keep handsome, sharp-dressing Texans down.

  • “handsome, sharp-dressing Texans” – isn’t that an oxymoron?


  • pauper: despite your attempts to keep my people down with snide comments about mechanical bulls, two-stepping, and bass fishing we shall overcome. Someday.

  • I love me some PoP. And I love me PoP commenters like Oden even more. He’s keeping it real, from Quincy to Kennedy via… Austin?

    Anyway, no matter how famous I get, I still feel the frog next to the Prince.

  • Don’t piss Oden off, or he will pull out his secret stash of assault riffles and other libertarian shit. I wonder if he too moved to DC in early 2001…

  • Sadly, the aresenal was sold off to pay the bank when daddy’s oil well went dry many years ago.

  • Prince, nicely done.

  • Well-deserved recognition and kudos, PoP. You’ve definitely expanded my world from over here in urban suburbia.

  • congrats-dan-er-prince. you deserve it! and ya know that!



  • Great recognition!! I’m glad to see that many of us, not just me, make daily visits to PoP and occasionally post. Why? Because it’s an informative, olcorful and amusing blog, now officially recognized by the Post and I’m excited to be a tiny part of it. BTW, in Fisher’s column he mentions that Petworth was Jewish years ago (between the 40s and 60s). I’ve met elderly friends of my parents who went to Petworth ES, MacFarland MS, Roosevelt and Coolidge. One of my neighbors, not Jewish nor black, is a white man who has lived here since the 40s. Long live Petworth.

  • congratulations! cool that so many people use the site to keep up on news in the neighborhood. and that the Post is getting on the bandwagon of noticing blogs.

  • Oden, oh man, sad to hear that… well, fortunately there is still oil buck to be made, e.g. in this state called Eye-rag.. I believe its somewhere in the middle of the East though.

  • So is the house at the corner of Shepherd and Kansas (northeast corner) a crack house or what? I’m happy to see any buzz about Petworth, because I think we need it.

  • Toby, as far as I know, Petworth was actually a Jewish-Italian-Irish mix in its first few decades.

    My understanding is that it has always been more or less middle/upper-working class, even as the racial mix had its pendulum swing from primarily white (when Petworth was built in the 1910s and 20s) to primarily black (in the white flight of the 50s and 60s) and now black to mixed (black/white/hispanic/asian/gay/you name it).

    I guess change isn’t easy. But I believe many Petworth residents (old and new) see the promise in the positive diversity that is evolving in our modest ‘hood. Others will never be dislodged from their negativity.

  • Sorry, small correction, I meant to say ‘and now mixed’…

  • Congrats PoP!

    Hey aroundthehood,
    re: the house at kansas and shepherd — can you email me?

  • I thought the article was well balanced and I am excited PoP got honored. In my opinion, the comments were really driven by that one guy (maybe he has a crush on you PoP?). The blog is informative, I like the comments, and if I don’t like a topic, I don’t read the post.

    Regardless of what anyone thinks of the blog and it’s content, I find almost everyone in PW to be friendly and happy to talk to you whether you are white, black, green, whatever. Sure there are a couple that may not look happy, but those are the people that are probably pissed off they couldn’t score their next dime bag so screw them. Nothing and nobody will make them happy anyway, and they probably couldn’t give a rat’s ass about “gentrification” or anything else.


  • aj–

    I don’t know how to e-mail you. I’d just like to know what the deal is with that house. It had a floodlight on it and police surveillance for an entire weekend once. There must be 148 people that live in that house. I’m curious what the story is.

    I like Petworth, though. Glad I live here.

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