Panam International Supermarket

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Has anyone checked out this international supermarket on upper 14th St.? (Damn, I forget the cross street.) I didn’t have a chance to check it out yet but I bet you could find some sweet delicacies there. So tell me, am I wrong?

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  • I’ve been there once. It was Teh Chaos (as the kids say on the Intartubez).

  • This place rules. T.V.s on. music blasting… A far cry from the sterile chains playing elevator music that most people shop in. Giant could learn a thing or two about making the task of getting groceries a fun experience instead of a chore.

  • Yes, it is bit of an experience it itself – a bit chaotic at times 🙂 But you can get fruit cheaper there, including more rare ones, and they have a fish (one that sometimes has better selection than Giant) for example, and a meat/butchers counter.

  • I’ll have to check this out… I’ve been hoping to find a source for all things indian & curry, that doesn’t involve slogging out to University Blvd in Langley Park (MD) — it’s a great ‘hood for such stuff, but need something closer to home!

  • Can anyone tell me where it is? I am constantly searching for random food that I can’t find at Giant.

  • Intangible, I doubt you would find much Indian stuff there. It is basicly latin.

    Ajikan, it is on 14th St. between Perry Pl and Parkwood, if my memory serves me accurately. Its on the West side of 14th.

  • Totally random question, but anyone know if they carry fresh curry leaves?

  • I’ve been to the branch in West Hyattsville – it looks great on the outside, but it smells like rotten meat and cat pee on the inside. All the canned goods were smashed up and covered in dust. Good selection of harder-to-find produce, mostly different kinds of peppers and root vegetables – but most items were pretty bruised and/or slimy. I hope this one is better!

  • It does smell like meat in there. My husband and I go there to get cheaper produce sometimes (same as giant just less pretty but not organic at all). I can also get my soymilk there and other unexpected “gringa” items. It’s usually pretty crowded but seems to move quicker that the lines in Giant.

  • I go to this place all the time. The produce is very cheap (but not organic), but you could get a sleeve of garlic for $.79 sort of thing. Also a lot of Latino products, including South American, areparina, frozen yuca, platanos, speciality latino cheeses. They have some good deals on meats/chickens sometimes too. But it can be hectic and there are several workers who don’t speak English, but it also has some great finds and really good prices.

  • It does smell like meat and rat turd inside!
    Butchers don’t have hair nets or gloves. Dirty!

  • good prices but to far for me…too crowded at times…I will try the new one thought.

  • Yes! Pan Am is a great store for cheaper meat’s and produce, however stuff like: sliced american bread, juice, icecream, and cereal are skyrocket waaaaay over priced, and are never on sell!!!!!!!!!!!! You would do better to get that kind of stuff at Giant or safeway. and they never have a sell on there case of soda’s like Giant or safeway does. Very interesting place. if you try and go there on a saturday, it will be pandamonium in there!! Some of the cashier’s do not know a word of english, which can be a pain when you are dealing with money.. Overall it does smell very unpleasant. I do not think a woman who is pregnant, and unfamilar with that sort of smell could bare one minute in that store breathing out of her nose!!

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